CS Breakfast on the DP


If you choose a CS for breakfast, do you still get “a dessert”? I didn’t know if a piece of fruit could perhaps be a dessert for breakfast, or if they would even let you get anything extra with breakfast.

We are going to have left over CS credits I think and I’m wondering if it’d be worth using those for breakfast. If I get DH up early, he’s going to need a good sized breakfast in order to run through the parks. :happy:


We didn’t do any CS breakfasts but I have read that there is no dessert with breakfast.


I don’t really care to do CS breakfast, but I will if we are going to loose those credits. Thanks DisneyTeacher.


Well I used a leftover CS credit last summer and I got a grilled ham and cheese and a chocolate croissant and a drink… Is that what your asking?


They changed the rules a little, though, and you definitely don’t get a ‘dessert’ with breakfast. At least, that’s what it says on www.allearsnet.com


We asked this question in December while we were at Pop and the answer was No! I feel that CS for breakfast are a bit of a waste, if you were allowed a fruit cup or something like too it would be better value! But that’s just my opinion.