CS lunch at MK?


What do you all recommend for a Counter Service lunch at the MK?



We like Pecos Bills because of the great fixins bar. We also like cosmic rays but if you want different items you have to get in separate lines which is kind of a pain. They have changed the menu at Pinocchios to pizza, we havent tried that since the change.


Another vote for Pecos Bill’s. The burgers are good and the fixin’s bar makes them even better.


I’m going to represent Pinocchio’s Village Haus on this one. Try the Antipasto Salad, and try to get a table that overlooks the loading area for IASW.


I just love those Casey’s hot dogs! It’s the perfect way to start a vacation: sitting outside at Casey’s with a hot dog and fries, looking at the castle, listening to ragtime on the piano, and settling into that vacation mindset.

I also really like Pecos Bill’s–more for the ambiance than anything. The themeing and furniture is so sturdy there, and the place is so big you feel like you have room to spread out.

I guess when it comes to burgers and fries I’m more concerned with setting and surroundings than food-quality. Hope that helps anyway! :slight_smile:


We really tend to base our CS on where we are in the park at that time. I personally like Columbia Harbour House.

Every time we have been to Pecos Bills it was so crowded we could hardly find a table and we had to squeeze between lots of tables to find one.

Cosmic rays was ok but nothing great to me.

I like the idea of Casey’s atmosphere but I’ve never eaten there.

It really seems like since so many people recommend different places that you should see where you are when you are hungry and pick the closest place.


Another vote for Pecos Bill’s – I love their wrap sand. We make it a point to go there every year!


I’m down with the Bill that is Peco’s!


LOVE Peco Bills!


Another vote for Pecos Bills! But I also love Casey’s as well. And the Columbia Harbour House, and Cosmic Rays, and…well I guess I will stop. I love all the places, but Pecos is my top choice. :mickey:


For some reason, I always end up at Pecos Bill’s. I agree with others though, Pecos Bill’s is sometimes crazy crowded.



I really like the actual inside of Pinnochio’s Village Haus b/c, like Ingamba said, it is such a cool view to overlook the IASW area and the mural on the walls of the restaurants are so cool. I have not eaten there since the menu change so FOOD wise I would vote Pecos Bill b/c the “fixin’ bar” is so good!


Well, our “ole reliable” for MK CS meals is Cosmic Rays. Getting that cheese sauce from the topping bar makes some AWESOME cheese fries. I do miss the spicy chicken sandwich they used to have there though.

Now, the best CS meal at MK is the Taco Salad at Pirate el Pericho over in Adventureland. Sadly, they never open that place anymore. I LOVE that place… :crying:


Guess what I am having for lunch today…yes, the taco salad! It’s open this week from 11am-4pm, so I am heading over there shortly to try it out. I can’t wait! :mickey:


Oh Ging… You are in so much trouble with me right now… You just wait. If I get to come down there in May, I’m gonna get you…

BUT… There is a way you can make it up to me… Get somebody to take a picture of you eating MY taco salad, with fork extended towards the camera offering me a bite, and I’ll forgive you… :wink:


Our two favorites are Pecos Bills and Cosmic Rays. Both have good fixins bars and good food.


We go to Casey’s on Main Street every trip (tradition). Then of course, it is accross the street for some ice cream!!!


Casey’s is a must stop for my family- love those dogs!!!


I really like Cosmic Ray’s. Mostly because of Sonny Eclipse, the Lounge Lizard. I had heard that he wasn’t there anymore, but he seemed to be operating when we were there in January.


Pecos Bills and Cosmic Rays!!! YUM!