CSR Gator


Got a chance to see the gator at CSR. He was caught later that week. Got some good shots of him. He looked like he was waiting to be feed.


I volunteer to push Cavey in so the little gator can have a snack. :angel:


WOW! Those are great pictures, Buzz. My DS would have loved to have seen that!


Would make some nice shoes…


Ick, makes my skin crawl :sad:
Are they like mice–for every one you see, there are 20 more hidden?


Wow, that is scary! I don’t think I could have relaxed as much in the hot tub a few weeks ago knowing he was just a stone’s throw away in that lake! Yikes!!!


:crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:



When we were taking the boat ride from POR to DTD in Sept the captain was telling us how there are always gators around that river and they are always chasing them away. It convinced me enough to sit on the inside of the rows on the boat!


Great Pictures! I am always looking around but have never seen anything but wild turkeys. Don’t know that I want to be that close. :eek: :mickey:


It is Florida…


I’m not surprised but not too pleased either. :laugh: Yes, its Florida but ACK, gators are gators, and they’re scary. I’m still convinced there is at least ONE lurking in the water around Tom Sawyer’s Island!


Did you get to see him being caught? I wonder how many gators WDW needs to catch & relocate each year. There’s a job I wouldn’t want!!


We saw a gator in that same area in 2004. He was in the water under the walkway that goes from the riverboat over to Splash. He was hanging out near the turkey leg stand in Frontier Land, I wonder why? :wink:


AWW he’s so cute . I hope they put him somewhere where he will actually survive. I can’t imagine him being tough enough to handle bigger gators…he looks a bit tiny. To echo the other comments, it is florida and where there is water, there are gators. I think they are cute. :wub: the baby ones anyway. You won’t catch me swimming with them or anything, but they are part of area. Respect the animal. They don’t bother you unless you bother them right?


He looks like my belt …


Great pictures! I’m sure there are gators all over WDW but I don’t want meet one close up.


I wish to thank everyone who so boldly stood up for me. :dry:


I would have, but I wanted you to stand up for yourself so that your manliness wasn’t questioned. :tongue:


Wow! I’m glad I hitched a ride with the complementary golf cart. I don’t think I’d feel real comfy walking down the sidewalk at night knowing that he was in the water nearby! Wow!


Do gators make their way into any of the ponds or lakes around the resort? Even if they catch one and take it somewhere else, that won’t stop a different gator from making it’s way over, will it? Not that I’m afraid to come across one, as long as he’s slower that I am and we can outrun the critter. It would be really cool to capture on picture like you did!