CSR is now getting lotion


CSR is now getting lotion too to go along with the other new H2O products.


Are the mods switching to the better H2O products that the duluxe resorts have had?


[QUOTE=buzz2001]CSR is now getting lotion too to go along with the other new H2O products.

Nice site. We havent tried CSR yet.


To my knowledge, all the mods were switched to H2O toiletries last year.
They just don’t get the full compliment.

The full compliment, which I’ve only seen at the Boardwalk concierge, is shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, skin lotion, solar relief gel, and (not H2O) mouthwash.

The values get only a combination shampoo/conditioner and it ISN’T H2O.


My husband loved the lotion. He was raving about it (so unlike him). Needless to say I was shocked, he never pays attention to such things.


We stayed at a moderate over Christmas and only got the combination H2O shampoo/conditioner.


In the black capped bottle? I got a bottle of that at the Pop and I stand corrected, it is H2O also, you just have to read the label.
I’m surprised because I seem to recall the regular H2O stuff at POFQ over Labor Day.


That is really so unlike any man. They never pay attention to
those kind of things.


We stayed at POFQ last July and POR last month and had the combo bottle of shampoo (with the black cap) and that’s it. It would be nice if the mods got an upgrade to the better H2O products.


I don’t know about all the mods but CSR has these products now.


It is nice to see they are upgrading from the old standard. I’m sure eventually all the resorts will have the nicer product line.


I really hate when I’m wrong.
At least I know I’m right about the full set.


LOL… it happens to the best of us!:laugh: :laugh:


But… but… I LIKE the old “everybody neat and pretty?” Mickey shampoo! I’ll have to hoard what I’ve got. (For the bottle, not the product!)


I love those too, they were much more Disney-ish to me.


Yeah, and that “Everybody neat and pretty?” bar soap… you can use it at home as a sachet in cabinets and drawers!