CSR rehab 11/2016


Rumor has it that the new rooms are doing away with some of the room furniture (armoire, chair and desk) and the ceiling fan. A long piece of furniture that will house the USB ports and glass front fridge (like a wine cooler). A 50" flat screen will be on the wall above the counter. A Kuerig coffee pot will replace the current version.

Also new is no more carpets, instead they’ll have faux hardwood floors. The mattress will be a foam mattress, no more box springs (not sure I like this).

The bathroom is completely different. CSR will now have two sinks (counter space still available), a closet, new H2O products, and will have a walk in shower in some rooms and some will have a small tub/shower combo.

The color scheme is lighter and brighter too.


What’s with all the ceiling fans being taken out? I know, I know, one less thing to worry about for maintenance, Last trip at AKL we needed the ceiling fan to drown out the guy playing a guitar and thinking he was Elvis at 10 PM. He was playing on the balcony at Kidani.

But also just some air movement is nice. We may have to start packing a small fan to bring with us.


Things are removed because guests complain about them. As a result, we all suffer.


Why would someone complain about a ceiling fan? If a guest doesn’t like a fan I’m guessing they just wouldn’t turn it on.


Not about the fan but the dust on top of the fan that moves around the room when turned on. We also lost alarm clocks in the room because guests complained that the time was wrong and they missed a flight or someone left the alarm on and woke them up. You’d be surprised at the complaints


If complain about crowds, do you think Disney will make those disappear too?


I guess but that’s some small stuff people are complaining about if that’s the case. Dust the fan from time to time and if you use the clock set the time if you need to—it’s not rocket science.


I agree, I will miss the fan but unfortunately complaints resort guests drive decisions. Let’s hope they change their minds before the final rooms start. The test rooms left them out.