CSR Restaurants added to 2010 DDP!


The CSR restaurants have been added to the 2010 dining plan!! All those concerned can now rest easy.



Wonderful! Now I can start on my ADR!!!
THANK YOU Buzz, you made my day :happy:


All the usual suspects in Epcot have signed back on as well.
We told you so!
However I notice that Rainforest hasn’t signed on this year and neither has Wolfgang Puck.
Rainforest and T-Rex are no great loss in my opinion, but both WP’s are.


WP express was the steal of the plan. I’ll probably do out of pocket next time.


We will always do WP dining plan or not.


Teppan Edo is not on the list this year…:ohmy:


Teppan Edo isn’t…oh no! We loved it!


i don’t see yak & yeti not on the list!?

i see on AllEars that they are : “Anandupur Local Food Cafes”, i am guessing that means much like Rainforest…they don’t have to go along with the majority of the restaurants…it’s a shame…we love to get the fried rice with a snack credit.:closedeye


i hope Teppan Edo is on the list, we already have ADRs. Oh no, I may have to change then AGAIN


We also have our Teppan Edo Ressie… not sure what we will do now. I called MS and they said to call back at the first of the year and maybe Teppan Edo will be added by then…:genie: