CSR Room Request


I know my vacation is not until September, but I am anal lol. I am going to fax this exact form to the resort. Does it sound ok?! I got it off Buzz’s site!!

To: Room Assigner at Coronado Springs Resort
Fax #: 407-939-1001
From: Erin Taggart
Phone #: -------
Reservation #: -----

Greetings from the Taggart party!

My family and I are eagerly anticipating our arrival at Coronado Springs Resort on September 26th (reservation #-----). We are huge Disney fans and look forward to our first visit at Coronado Springs and to another magical vacation at WDW.

We would like to request a room location. We understand that you cannot guarantee the request. Specifically, we are interested in the following:

First Choice –Casitas 4
Second Choice – Casitas 4 water view

We sincerely appreciate all that you can do to help us with this request.

Have a great day!


I’ve been in Casitas 3 every time we’ve stayed there and I strongly recommend 3 because it puts you half way between bus stop 1 and 2. 2 is the first stop and 1 is the last stop on the loop. So, you grab your outward bound bus at 1, the main building and when you return, you get off at 2. This way, you have non stop bus rides in both directions.
I’m not sure how much they’re paying attention to room request faxes these days, but try. The worst that can happen is they say no.


Try to send it after 4pm. You should be fine.


We were told they do room assignments 3 days in advance. We called CSR 3 days ahead of our arrival and requested Casitas first floor and I up graded to a water view and we were Casitas first floor facing the lake.