We just got home a couple hours ago. I worked up my trip report on the plane and will be posting it after I get some sleep. For tonight, I wanted to mention that after our week of resort hopping, our trip ended at Coronado Springs Resort. All I can say is WOW! CSR is, in my opinion, outshines a deluxe from a service point and is just as beautiful as a deluxe.

Not sure how many of you have ever stayed there, but if you haven’t, give it a chance sometime! Yes, the place is HUGE, but CM’s are always driving all over the resort in stretch golf carts offering a courtesy trip to the pool, or main house. The pool area is awesome and next time we want to rent one of those water mice to drive around the lake.

By the way…we got it for $110/night (ap rate!)


And one more of our kids in the Ranchero’s:


Here is the pool area:


And the beautiful ceiling in the lobby:


eh, no pic of the ceiling :huh:

BTW: great looking kids :happy:


NM I see it, it was only a momentary lapse of blindness :blink:


It’s gorgeous and you got such a great rate! How could you lose?


I’ve always overlooked CSR because of it’s bigness (is that a real word?) . But, your posts have me thinking. I love the pool area but I’m not sure if The food court area is for us. I’m glad you had such a great time and am looking forward to the rest of your trip report.


I’m so glad you loved the resort! It’s one of our absolute favorites, and does indeed outshine several deluxes for us as well. We were smitten at first stay with CSR! Can’t wait to hear the rest of your report.


Nice to hear that CSR is a great resort. My parents might be going in Sept. 06 if Mom can travel ok. Dad’s Building/Fire Inspection Assoc. will be holding their annual conference there. We poked around several resorts on our last stay and thought CSR was very nice, just BIG.

Is the parking close to the rooms? We usually rent a car for our trip. How about the food court? Is it true you have to tip the person who is seating you? I don’t mind, but it is a food court not a restaurant, right?


Parking lots surround the resort, so no matter where your room is, there will be a parking lot very close-by. The Pepper Market is a food court, but you do have a waiter who seats you and brings your drinks. If you don’t take your food as take-out, you will be charged a 10% gratuity when you go through the check-out line (after you’re finished eating). If you’re not pleased with the service, I’ve heard that you can contest the gratuity charge and get it taken off. Take-out orders (there are some nice tables outside of the Pepper Market that you can eat at) do not have the gratuity charge.


Can’t wait to see your TR and more pictures. So glad you loved CSR, that’s where we’re going in June. Did you stay in the Rancheros? Did your kids love the pool? My 2 DSs can’ wait to go swimming and down the water slide. Welcome back!


I have stayed there many times and just love the resort. But the cost in the Pepper Market (which by the way is NOT owned by Disney) is getting to be to much. I have been staying at POFQ and the food court is more reasonably priced, especially with the DDE card which is not good at the Pepper Market because of the above reason. Joe


But we have the Dining Package add-on so wouldn’t it be to our advantage? Price doesn’t matter that way. The Pepper Market only counts as a Quick Service, so I hope it’s worthy to try.


Wow I am glad you had such a wonderful experience at CSR. We did not enjoy it at all. Sounds like things went much better for you, and what a great rate too!


The CSR is absolutely MAGNIFICIENT! I am so glad you enjoyed it, Heather!

I can’t wait to read your TR!

CathysCAT - The dining plan cuts out any worry of cost :c) SO, go and enjoy the Pepper Market for what it is - a place with LOTS of atmosphere ;c)


Thanks, Erin. I printed their menu off allearsnet and it does look like they have a lot to offer. We’ll probably only do 2 quick service meals there, maybe one lunch and one dinner. My DH and 2DSs love a lot of variety, so I think they’ll enjoy it.


Isn’t it wonderful?? :wub: I’m glad you had such a great time!!! :slight_smile:


We love CSR as well! The word is getting out!


I’m so glad you had a great time. I can’t wait to hear all about it!