Cubsblue and Family Tour the World


Day 1:

We arrived around 3:00 PM at POFQ. Did the online check-in and bypassed a good sized line being taken to the Concierge and check-in took less than a minute. Checked at bell services and were met at our car by a CM. From walking in the front door of check-in to everything in our room. Less than fifteen minutes. I was very impressed! We unpacked a bit and headed to by boat to Downtown Disney.

Upon the boat docking we went on a pin trading frenzy. Hitting every CM that had a lanyard. Then to Ghirardelli for some ice cream. Finally off to tour some of the resorts. This is our usual way to do things. First stop is always Downtown Disney and then tour a few resorts then hit parks from the second day on.

We took the bus to Wilderness Lodge. (Love the architecture there.) DS calls it Bass Pro Shop Hotel. From there we took the boat to Contemporary. We had ADR’s at 'Ohana to celebrate DW’s birthday. What she did not know was that one of her good friends, who is now living in Florida a few hours from WDW, was going to join us. I arranged it so that she would be on the Monorail and then waited for the proper one. DW kept wondering what we were waiting for. I just told her I thought they all were too full. The right one finally pulled in and I could see DW’s friend. DW is still oblivious as we board and then spots her, screaming her name loud enough that I am sure people in Bay Lake were wondering what was happening. Needless to say she was overjoyed. We then headed to ’ Ohana for the birthday celebration.

Upon arrival at the desk at about 8:20 I told them we were willing to wait as long as necessary for a window seat for fireworks. The CM said he would make sure we got a good seat but we may have to wait till 9:30. No problem. Fifteen minutes later we were seated. The gentleman at the seat behind us convinced both of our kids to participate in the coconut race. (Surprising as DD is very reserved.) Despite being told that it was not a race, DS claims he won. They are in the front of this pic DS in the hat and DD in the black shirt.

DW was taken to the center of the room as well as a few others and serenaded with a birthday song. Dinner was excellent and included wings! This has moved to the top of my list of favorites at WDW. Dessert was served just as the fireworks started and was great as was the show.

We decided to take the monorail around to the TTC and then take the boat across to our bus to give us a preview of the MK which was on our agenda for the next day.

More later.


What a great start!! Love your DS’s description of Wilderness Lodge!



More now!!!


Great start! LOVE ME some O’hana dessert! I’m drooling all over my keyboard now. 7 months is just too far away!


Great start to your trip report! Can’t wait to read more! We LOVE 'Ohana also, my DH makes sure we have ADR’s there every visit! haha


Sounds like us. DTD ALWAYS first. Dinner at WGP express. We love getting a slow start to take it all in. I am loving the trip report. Oh, Ohana’s dessert is AWESOME!!! One of my favs on property.


Love the first part of your TR and the photos too- more please!


Day Two:

Get up. Refill the mugs and jump on the bus to head to Epcot. This was the only bus we got on all week that went through POR. It was still a pretty quick trip and we were there. Park was not too bad crowd wise. We hit Soaring for a Fastpass first, then on to ride Test Track, (a favorite of ours) and Mission Space Orange. This was the first, and according to her, last time that DW had been on Orange.

Back to Soarin to use our fastpasses and then we spent time just walking around snapping pics and trading pins. Then lunch at Sommerfest (Love their brats and cheesecake) and a walk over to Boardwalk before heading to MK.

DS had already spotted the Tron monorail online and was determined that we needed to ride it. I promised we would at some point but I did not want to wait for it so we didn’t. His quest to ride that monorail would continue for a while.

We arrived at MK and got fastpasses for Space Mountain and then got in the standby line which was 20 minutes at that point. The parks were not near as busy as the online prognosticators were saying until Friday. It was pretty nice. Even when they seemed to be a bit fuller it seemed a lot of people were sitting around and not really riding much. Supper at Cosmic Ray’s and then the kids went off on their own and we took it easy. Heading for Small World, Haunted Mansion, Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Pirates. All were basically walk-on’s and the lines just got better as the night went on.

After picking up a couple of shakes we sat down and caught the electrical parade. It was nice to see this old favorite again. Then we caught Pooh, Peter Pan, and Snow White. All the rides DS insists he is too old for and met the kids back at the bus stop about 1/2 hour before park close. Between the two rushes on the buses that night. Arrived back to our room to find a new roommate reading Garfield. :laugh:

More tomorrow if time permits.


Great start! I can’t wait to read more and see more pics!


More please!! This is just what I need to help me get through the next 125 days!!:laugh:


Great TR so far! Love the monorail surprise for your DW . . . that’s awesome! Your photos are great. I hope there’s a lot more. :happy:


Looks like you are off to a great start. Your pics are making me homesick - can’t wait to hear the rest!


What wonderful pictures! The flowers at Epcot looked so beautiful! What a terrific surprise for your wife! Can’t wait to read more!


If I could make reservations for next year they would be in. As it is I am debating between Florida and California. Cali is cheaper because of free lodging but Florida is shorter drive.


great TR and I love the pictures … it is nice to see sunshine with Pa being so cold. it helps to pass the time until we go…


Yayyy!!! TR!!! :happy:

I love the architecture of the Wilderness Lodge, too! I’m doing my architecture speech on Peter Dominick, the architect of WL and AKL (also Grand Californian at DL).

Now more pictures!!! :laugh:


Great trip report so far, sounds like your family had a lot of fun and your pictures are great!


What a wonderful surprise for your DW! I love it! Can’t wait to read more. :happy:


Great TR, and what a nice surprise for your wife!


:wub: Love it? How old are your children now? Our youngest is 14 and luckily still loves Disney. We’ve had to cancel the last 3 trips for health reasons and this will be the first time in 11 years that we’re not there in the spring :frown: More please!!