Can anyone tell me why you can’t buy a “regular” size coffee cup anywhere at Disney? I went to almost every store and shop I passed last week at DisneyWorld and all I could find was the LARGE cups. Too BIG for coffee, good for soup, though.

The large cups are nice, but a smaller cup makes more sense to me. My coffee doesn’t get cold sitting on my desk at work. The last “small” cup I bought at WDW was at the General Store at “Dixie Landings”. That was a long time ago.

Just Curious…:confused:


We found some almost regular size cups at DTD. It was a set of 4. Funny I never use them, I’m hooked on my large GRUMPY mug


You need to get into the spirit.
They’re large so they can carry all the graphic goodness that reminds you and tells the world how much you enjoyed your time in WDW.

(That and a bigger cup allows you to spend more time at your desk working before the next refill)


I have a grumpy mug and I consider it "regular’. Change how define your world and you will …

…something …

but I got nothing to finish that.


We got regular size mugs at the POFQ gift shop.


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;1092184]I have a grumpy mug and I consider it "regular’. Change how define your world and you will …

…something …

but I got nothing to finish that.[/QUOTE]

I guess we’d have a Grumpy mug too if security had to keep hauling us out of the Fountain of Nations.

To the original question, I’ve got nothing to add right now other than I hate to say you’ll need to keep looking. But I’m afraid that underneath the glaze and paint, it’s one coffee mug size fits all venues and I can’t think of any exceptions as I haven’t been to WDW since December.


I’ve got several of the larger mugs, but my coffee keeps getting cold…(it gets cold in my small mugs, too.) I use my large Grumpy mug for soups and such, lately Diet Dr. Pepper and Iced Tea. That all works well in the larger mugs, but I miss the smaller ones. Whine-whine-whine!!

I’ll look in POFQ next year. We were at POR this year and I couldn’t find a small one there.

I do have a solution to my problem, I’ll just put less coffee in the bigger mugs!!! But I still wonder why they stopped the small mugs in favor of the larger ones…more space for characters???