Curious about Florida discounts for WDW


Why does WDW offer discounts to pretty much Florida residents only? Are state taxes or something going towards the parks? You would think they’d offer more discounts for out of state visitors, because we are the ones paying extra (airfare or driving) to go there. Just a thought.

Adding. I understand there are other discounts like AAA, but you can only use that discount for hotels. I not sure if you can use it for tickets. You can’t use these discounts for package deals (hotel, tickets, and dining).

Sorry to sound so negative today.


All theme parks in FL offer resident discounts. State taxes don’t go to the parks, but I would think FL holds the tax rate down on them in exchange for the benefit.

Also, consider this…how many Floridians plan a vacation to Illinois or NJ or Nebraska? Northerners flock to Florida without discount incentives.

At the same time, I have 2 Six Flags within 4 hours of my home. I have not been to a Six Flags in over 15 years. Why? Because it’s there. I can go anytime. So I never go. By offering the discounts, WDW stands a better chance to get someone from Orlando to visit.


Oh, one more thought. My Illinois “vote” counts for nothing in the Florida legislature. WDW NEEDS to keep the residents of Florida happy so that when something swings against WDW legislatively or judicially, they have the Florida voters on their side.


I am a local AP Holder and am so grateful for the discount so that MJ and I can go to the parks. I know that if it is a choice between Disney and anything else, Disney gets my spare $$ (nopt that there are a lot of them, but what we do have is theirs)


All I can say is “move to FLorida”!!!


Don’t tell me what to do. :tongue:

Oh, and how many hurricanes have hit Florida the past two years???


Yeah!..oh wait :nonono2:

And Mickey does a good job of posting any discounts on the front page.


Unfortunately Disney~New Orleans theme park plans are on hold. Sorry R2G.


Back on topic, it there a California residents discount at DL?


At least it’s not cold! Kinda…

I really have/had no clue why FL residents get discounts. I always just thought it was because the park is in FL. ? Figured CA residents get discounts at DL too. Never really thought about it, but I’m always willing to give up my zip code to save a few bucks.