Curious Observation about ADRs


One odd thing I noticed about ADRs over the weekend. It appears that it’s easier to find availability via the website than it is on a call with WDW-DINE.

We had an ADR for Friday evening at Citricos for 4 people at 6pm. DW’s cousin came in a day earlier than planned and we tried to change it to 5. WDW-DINE couldn’t find an ADR prior to 9pm, so we decided to chance it.

We walked in and the place was practically empty. They found us a table for 5 without blinking an eye.

I’d be willing to bet that if I had used the website, I would have been able to find a new reservation and eliminate any angst.

Has anyone else noticed anything like this?


I have not noticed a difference between website booking and phone booking but I have noticed a trend every year during free dining where I am often told that there are no ADRs left or I get the last one and then end up eating in half full restaurants. I think lots of folks on the DDP are making multiple ADRs and not cancelling the ones they don’t intend to use forcing Disney to hold tables for people who aren’t going to show.



Uh oh. I just realized I’m guilty of that… but, for the first time in… 6 years. DW’s aunt had an ADR at 5:30 at the Flying Fish on Saturday, but we weren’t sure if everyone would be there. So, we made an ADR for 7:20 as a backup in my name. We didn’t leave the restaurant until after 8 and I completely forgot to cancel the 7:20…

Shame on me… :redface:


Maybe so Karen, but the way I understand ADRs is ( I always cancel if I can’t keep the time) they don’t set tables aside for any ADR, they just make sure that as close to your ADR time as possible they will give you the next available table. I read that somewhere. I think it was Anita Answer on allearsnet.
If the restaurant is half empty, that’s because there’s no one walking up to


I noticed that when I cross my eyes and spin a circle, I get dizzy.

I noticed that.


This is encouraging news!!! We’ve tried to get reservation to Le Cellier Dec 6 - 12th with luck so I’ll try checking in each day to see if something is available. Maybe just maybe…


Uh oh. I just realized I’m guilty of that… but, for the first time in… 6 years. DW’s aunt had an ADR at 5:30 at the Flying Fish on Saturday, but we weren’t sure if everyone would be there. So, we made an ADR for 7:20 as a backup in my name. We didn’t leave the restaurant until after 8 and I completely forgot to cancel the 7:20…

Shame on me… :redface:[/QUOTE]

Go stand in the corner young man.

I’m sure lots of people miss an ADR here and there. It’s when people double and triple book every meal that causes problems.


I wonder if they’re not offering as many ADRs due to the fact that so many people don’t know how to make them? :whistling Maybe it’s an effort to serve more walk-ups. Sounds like they might be conserving a few too many slots though!


On our last trip, my dh and I walked up to Chef Mickeys crossing our fingers. We hadn’t been able to get a reservation, so we figured we’d chance it. We got seated right away and the restaurant wasn’t even full! Sometimes I wonder just how ADRs work… There can’t be that many people skipping out on their ressies!


This year we had two ADR’s booked for the same time at two different restaurants. I had booked the first ressie and then I wasn’t sure we would be at that park so I booked the second ressie until I had finalized our itinerary. When I tried to book the second ressie, the CM on the phone noted that I had two reservations for the same time and told me that I would have to cancel one. I told her that I would, but that I needed time to think about it and she was okay with that, but I thought she wasn’t going to let me continue with the second booking if I didn’t cancel the other one first. Maybe the CM’s have been told to watch for double bookings if too many restaurants are left with “no shows”.


I called to cancel an late lunch ADR made by phone because I made an early lunch ADR online. When I told the CM I wanted to cancel, she asked me why. I just told her I made other plans. I thought that was odd. I’ve never had someone ask why I was canceling an ADR.


We had an ADR for Sunday night, but after a day of eating and drinking at the F&W Festival, we decided to cancel. We called and cancelled. The CM was very nice and offered to make another ADR somewhere else. When I told her why and that we were having fun in Epcot, she laughed and wished us a magical evening.


Sometimes, I think the CM’s ask questions just to be friendly.


umm, look at post #3 or 4 :cool:


This year for me was the easiest year yet, to make our adr’s. I got every adr that I wanted and we have the free dining. I was pleased but shocked. It’s never happened before.


I looked at post 3 & 4, I don’t understand what you’re saying.


So you’re the one with all the pixie dust:happy:

We tried for a few (le cellier & Norway) but gave up after the first 50 attempts. There is always next time.


Just yesterday I was flipping through an old notebook and realized with dismay that I had never canceled our ADRs for the trip we couldn’t make in May. :noo: :whistling (I guess that’s what happens when you decide to move instead. Things slip your mind!) There were some doozies too, Le Cellier included. I wonder if anyone got to walk up in our absence, or if I just lost someone else an opportunity to eat there? :sad: Ack.


They don’t actually set tables aside for your ADR. They are making sure that if your name is on the list and you are there at the appointed time that you get the next available table.


But there have been several times i’ve looked into a certain restaurant on-line during free dining and saw it was already booked so I never bothered to go near and try on standby. Maybe many feel the same explaining the “no walk-ins” theory.

Alright, let the dagger’s fly on this one but I wish they’d require some type of non-refundable deposit when making ressie’s, similar to that of CRT, Hoopde or Aloha, unless cancelled within 24 hrs esp during free dining. I feel this would cut down tremendously on no-shows thus opening the door to all those shut out while booking.:whistling


[B]I’m really having a hard time getting dinner ressies for my upcoming trip (Dec. 8-15, free dining). I was hoping to do it online, so that I could mark things off as I go, thinking I might get too confused if talking to a CM. The only thing I was able to get so far was an 8:40 p.m. at the Cape May seafood buffet, and I’m not even sure I’ll keep that. I thought I was going to have to try to make lunch res. instead for the sit-down restaurants I wanted to go to. After reading this thread, I’m wondering if it might not be worth chancing dinner as a walk-in? I’m going solo and I thought it would be easier to get a res. that way, but it’s not proving to be the case.

 54 Days & Counting till my first Christmas Season trip, at CBR with Dining!  :Sled:

~ Pam[/B]