Curious points question


We are very interested in DVC and hoping to someday actually buy in. Would 250 points allow a family of four to have 2 - 1 week long vacations a year? Let’s say a one week vacation at WDW and a one week vacation at another resort?


Depending on what time of year, and what size room you choose, 250 is easily enough. We have 160 points, and at the slowest time of year, in a studio at one of the lower point resorts, I can get close to 3 vactions out of it. Mind you, Fridays and Saturdays are higher points, so you avoid those two days to make your points stretch more.


it really depends on unit size you need, and the season you go during. Weekend nights are much more costly pointswise, as are usual hoilday times.

Here’s a link to an easy to use point calculater…


In Sept we are staying at a studio at AKV from sun to sat, then moving to BLT sat to fri. My DS is staying at a studio from sun to sat at BLT. The total points needed are 228.