Curious to know


what happens when there is an eartquake at disneyland? do they shut it down? could you imagine being on that big wheel when that big one hit? that had to be scary! was anyone there???:ohmy:


When that happens, Operations temporarily shuts down the attractions , filters out everyone on them to do a safety inspection and then re-opens them right away. CA has high standard and strict building codes to withstand earthquakes, so everything is usually fine. The operation of the parks continue as if nothing has happened, and if something breaks down then the attraction is shut down until its fixed.


nubeanie, what you have to understand about Californians is that they don’t freak about Earthquakes. They stand around trying to estimate the magnitude of what they just felt, and then go on about their day. :laugh:


lol! i was in LA when there was a 3.0 that was centered about a mile from where i was staying. it was the coolest thing ever!


haha, it’s true though!


yes in ca it is no big thing,but please remember that most us are cognizant of the fact that someone might be injured or damage is possible somewhere so we are all concerned that everyone is safe and everything is ok