My son will be a junior next year in high school but he has showed an interest in what Disney has to offer for college students. He is not sure what field he wants to go in but at least he thinking of his future. He likes some type of engineering or graphic designs. Is there a link or somewhere we need to start? Thanks…


I think there a college program lnk on the site.


This is the link for the college program:

Disney College Program Home | Jobs and Careers

It’s a great program. I have several friends that did it and my sister did it. Everyone that does it, absolutely loves it!


A similar program for high school graduates who have not yet gone to college is called “Career Start.” My son did it and absolutely loved it. He was doing custodial/maintenance in Epcot. I remember 1 day he sent us a text that said “I’m on bathrooms today, but I still love it.” As long as he understands it’s really a JOB, and not just a VACATION, he’ll love it. Attitude is everything.


I absolutely love hearing that kids are interested in getting some education through Disney. I suggested it to my oldest DS when he was just starting college. His reply…“Those are your dreams Mom, not mine.” Oh well, he still loves Disney, just not mixing it with school!


My DD would have done a program that was just a summer long…but they don’t do that. She didn’t want to take time out of her college years… She always wanted to be a dancer in a parade at WDW … Now—she is a High School Choral Music Director—who does choreography when needed.

I completely understand the short summer isn’t worth the training for Disney—just a shame to have to miss out on that opportunity. :mickey:


This is very interesting. Thank you for all the links and info.


we talked to several college program folks back in March…they must have at least 2 semesters I think is what they said of college in the books. APPLY EARLY - example, if you want to start beginning of sophmore year then you need to apply around mid first semester of freshman year. No GPA or Major requirements

after college program is another program that is a little more intense…I think you have to have at least 4 semesters in the books and a 3.0 GPA and you will be steered toward your Major’s field.


I did the Disney College Program and the Professional Internship Program. Both were awesome, both were demanding, both are experiences I will treasure forever!

The link for the College Program is in a post above, but here is the link for the Professional Internships: Disney Professional Internships Home | Jobs and Careers

Essentially the difference between the two programs is on the CP, you would be working frontline jobs: Attractions, Merchandise, Lifeguard, Character Performer, Food & Beverage, etc. On a PI, you would be working more specific and possibly more behind-the-scenes types of jobs: Education, Human Relations, Engineering, Management, etc.

I worked Attractions for my CP and Education for my PI. It’s been a few years since I did it but I’d be happy to answer any questions you or your son have. There is a lot of great info online too - you may want to check out the College Program board on Disboards (gasp!! yes, I know, I’m sorry, but they do have good CP info! or at least they used to). And Disney has really improved their online presence for the CP & PI. They have a blog now which would have been a really helpful source of info when I was thinking about doing the program!: