Current cost of Renting Points


Fellow Buzzers-
I’m trying to get an idea for what the ‘going rate’ for renting points is. On other sites I’ve looked at, I’ve seen from $11 to $13 per point. On previous posts here, I thought I had seen closer to $8 - $10 per point. I know it varies quite a bit based upon the person/service you are renting from; just trying to get an idea of the ‘norm’ as I think about resort options for our trip in Oct '08. Thanks!!! :smile:

Prezcatz Paul


I think $10-12 per point is most common.


Yep. The only time I’ve seen points cheaper is when they are about to expire and the seller has to use or loose them.


excuse me what are points and how do you get them?

(excuse me for asking here, I’m a bit new at some of this):blush:


When you buy Disney Vacation Club, you get points each year to use for reservations at your resort.

Our maintenance fees for OKW have gone up slightly for this year and it might be that way for the other resorts as well. Probably why the cost to rent is higher than we saw a couple of years ago.


Most timeshares you buy a week. Some, like DVC are point based where you can use points to rent nights. Weekend nights are more expensive as are peak seasons. You have the ability to rent from 1 night in a studio to a three bedroom that sleeps 12 for as many nights as you have points.

DVC owners “rent” them when they have extra points that they are not using for what ever reason. I did an add on contract and now have extra points that I’m not using so I’ve offered to rent them.


I am renting AKV points for Thanksgiving week and am paying $12 per point. I have rented in the past and have paid $10 per point. I think I am paying more because it’s AKV and because it’s Thanksgiving week.