Current Crowd Report


I’ve looked through the forum and haven’t seen a thread dedicated to this. Anybody care to share their perspective on crowds as of late?


This shows the crowd levels for each day of the year from March 1st to December 31st (obviously 3/1 to date is REAL park attendance info, whereas anything after todays date is estimated park attendance info). Check it out (scroll all the way down)


Needless to say it’s CRAZY here right now! Especially over at DAK. Whole lotta peeps there. There’s a chance it’s attendance may even beat out MK pretty soon! It’s not so congested that you can’t walk, but you will meet a new neighbor while at the parks. Still, as I say always, DO NOT LET THIS DETER YOU FROM COMING IF YOU REALLY WANNA. If it does I’m gonna start lying and say it’s slow. :laugh:


Thanks. I’ve seen this. It’s a great generalization of what to expect and based on regression analysis. I’m looking for down to earth, old fashioned, first hand info


That’s great stuff and thanks!!! I have no intetion of letting it deter me and my family. I’ll be there on Sat.


We were there March 11 - 18, everything was packed. Most big rides were 90 - 120 minutes during the day. I have heard it has gotten worse since we were there, and it should stay packed for another month or so.


That is unreal!!! I’m not half the Disney fans you folks are. If it weren’t for my two kids, I would be sitting in Maui next week on a sandy beach instead of standing, and standing, and standing :eek: I do intend to hit the parks early and swim. Staying at the Swan and read they have a pretty good pool


Oh. You read right. The pool’s great. Make sure you at least TRY the slide yourself: it’s for big kids too! And get yourself a nice frozen cocktail to sip on while the kidlets frolick…


We were there the 11th-18th. While it was busy, we accomplished nearly everything we set out to do. Definately take advantage of the extra magic hours and fast passes. We did and we were fine.


We are arriving April 8th. Our last two trips were Oct 05 & Dec 04. While I am prepared for the worst - this is our test run for when the kids are in school and it is harder to vacation off season.

We will be at the BCV and the kids want to hit SeaWorld this year. We know it will be tough to hit all the parks so we are focusing on a few “must see’s”. The kids would be content swimming at the pool each day. :smile:

My mantra will be “this is not our first time, we will be back in Dec 06”. I’ve made a vow to relax and enjoy it regardless. :mickey: