Current crowds?


What are the crowds been like at WDW this week?

I heard that attendance is soft for summer…is it true?

Thanks in advance!


I think attendance is down but I don’t know by how much. Last Thursday we were amazed how uncrowded MK was. The longest line we saw was for Space Mountain, it was 30 minutes late in the afternoon. Most lines were 20 minutes or less. We rode Big Thunder 5 times in a row, either getting off and right back on or staying on for a second ride because there was no one in line when we rolled in.

I really couldn’t tell about HS because we were really only there for Toy Story Mania and that line was huge as expected. FP at 10:30 were going to be good at almost 6:00.

Epcot seemed pretty busy on Sunday afternoon. Soarin’ FP were gone at the usual time and the liine was maybe 90 minutes.

I’m not sure I helped but over all the lines were shorter last weekend compared to what we we saw in early June.


Thanks Stephanie. We are looking at maybe AK on Saturday.


I agree that crowds are def. down for being mid-July. Big ticket rides however are still crazy. 120min for Soarin’ yesterday – FP’s ran out around 1pm. However other rides like Malestrom (sp?) were only 20min. My friends were at MK and they said it was not bad there at all…


Malestorm was a walk on the other day, no wait at all.


This week has been about the norm for us, at least at the MK. Averaging between 40-45K people. The parades are always packed, and lately that’s the only time I see the guests since I’m not doing many sets lately.


So you haven’t seen an over all decline based on the economy?


My boys (in the picture to the left) were laughing hysterically when they got off because they thought it was so corny, and now they are saying we have to go on it again this trip! I call it the Napoleon Dynamite syndrome, it’s so bad, it’s good! :laugh:


I trick to Malestrom is as soon as the doors to the theater open for you to enter, run (okay walk quickly) through the theater and out the closing exit doors. Then you don’t have to watch the movie if you’ve seen it.


I’ll try that! I honestly don’t remember much of the ride (like the movie part you mentioned), other than that it was a mild ride for the 2 1/2 yr DS and that the older two quoted “eet hahs alvays beeen dis vay!” for weeks afterwards! :laugh:


Honestly, no. Lately we’ve been having HUGE tour groups come through. Many from Brazil. Even though the economy might be slow here in the US (which I’m so glad to hear the news it’s slowly starting to get better again), guess it doesn’t mean a lot of the other countries are slowing down. Everyone still is coming down to us, and it gives me a great reason to get up each morning.


Just reporting back in.

Loads of Brazilians…better then loads of Cheerleaders. The park was pretty crowded but I wouldn’t say at capacity. With our use of Fastpass and single rider the longest wait we had was around 30 minutes.

Yak and Yedi was great. It gets a high recommendation from the Tigger’s.

Finding Nemo the Musical…ummm it was ok. I wish they would have not done a cliffs notes version of the movie.

High light of the day was seeing Goofy in Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade (Rowdy I was the fool waving the red hat at the Yak and Yet corner). We walked in to Yak and Yeti no problems.

Ok class assignment. Is there a MBer at Disney this weekend besides me that might have been in AK on saturday? I was waving (my red hat) at the parade families (I like to make a big deal for them and cheer them) and the mom pointed at me and started waving. She looked like she recognized me…anyway let me know if you know .

Thank you for your attention.


Was she waving at you or trying to wave you away. Perhaps you heard words like “Go away” or “Get back.”

In that case, it could have been an MBer who knows you, or really anyone.


It is pretty obvious that you photoshopped that picture…