Custom Park Outfits: Girls



Oooo I love the first and third ones the most! Great job!


thanks! the 1st one was my fave too!

my daughter is going to be 7 1/2 years old this coming trip…and i am thinking that the customs i make her this year will have to be more along the lines of the Animal Kingdom zebra t-shirt.


CUTE!!! I love that zebra shirt! I also love the collar on the 2nd one - very princessy. :happy:


OMG i LOVE those:) do you take orders? i can’t sew!



i have been asked before about taking orders, sorry but i don’t.

honestly, i don’t think i would enjoy sewing as much for $$ as i do for the just the fun of it.
taking custom orders i would feel too much pressure to “get everything perfect” for it to be any fun.

thanks though for asking…i am flattered.:blush:


Very Cool !!! We always try to have something Disney in our DD’s wardrobe.
You might have triggered an idea for the DW’s sister who has more sewing machines than SINGER !!! :laugh:


Very neat!


Oh these are absolutely adorable!


Loving the Zebra shirt! I may have to make myself one.