Custom Tshirts?


Has anyone ordered embroidered custom Mickey head Tees from Etsy? Any other source that you know of?


Never ordered them, but have you considered just making your own? You can go to any craft store and buy transfers. You can print them right from your own computer and iron them on. VERY easy to do! just a thought.


I thought of that, but I was looking on Etsy and I can purchase embroidered Mickey heads with our names for $16 - $17. I prefer the look of embroidered over iron on, so I may order. I’m not sure how much transfer paper, ink & shirt would be - does anyone have a cost estimate for me? I know at least 5 of us will wear the shirts after our trip. I can’t see my 18-yr-old nephew wearing his shirt again LOL!


I am not entirely sure how much it would run. I haven’t done them yet. My Aunt did them for their upcoming Aruba trip (there are 20 people going) and she said it wasn’t expensive. She’s economical (cheap, don’t tell her I said so)…so it can’t be to bad. Also, she said it was super easy.