Customized Maps


Hey I just found out you can order customized maps for each park, they take 2-4 weeks and you can only order 1 set per household per 6 months, they look pretty cool. Has anyone done this and received them?

Here is the link:


Yes, search the threads in MB and you will come across a huge thred on these customized maps. If I can find the link I will post it to you.
I wanted the maps because evryone was raving about them and how neat they were but when I tried to get them, they would not send them to the UK. I was so gutted but then a great friend of mine on this site offered to have them made up on my behalf, sent to him and then he forwarded them on to me. LOVE THAT GUY!

You must get them…they really are gorgeous:heart:


Thanks! I ordered a set tonight, I can’t wait to get them.


We got ours just a couple of weeks ago and my children absolutely loved them. I only wish they would do one map per page so that I could frame them; that’s how nice they are.


I have my first set, and I’m just waiting out my 6 months to order the next set so I can frame them. I haven’t even let my kids see them yet (they don’t know about them) so they won’t get messed up before I get more! :blush:


I am in the process of framing my one of WDW as a whole, never thought of waiting to get the next set and framing them too! :eek:


I really liked the way they packaged them in that old looking envelope. It was great to get some extra free mail from WDW!


My mom ordered one on her last trip and it took a few weeks to get to the house. Unfortunally, it came the day after they left. But it does sound like a great idea if it is your first trip or if you have kids.


the maps are really cool and they use a really nice heavy paper. It almost makes you want to frame them versus using them.


The maps are fantastic . . . my kids LOVE THEM!!


It Sucks you cant get em in Canada…


mikeyJ - pm me - I can get them for you and send them to ya!