Cute Cartoon!


Saw this REALLY cute cartoon in the paper! ENJOY! :heart:

If you can’t read the caption, the one mouse says to the other "He didn’t give a last name, just “Mickey”.


I love it! That is sooooo cute. Is that a Walt statue in front of the castle?


Love it! Thanks for sharing!!


No, it looks like a Main Street Lamp post! :happy:


Love it!!:laugh::laugh:


This is adorable! But being mice, shouldn’t they KNOW their new neighbor even without a last name??:confused:


Too funny!


I so want to put that on a t shirt!!!


Wow, his house is way better than mine!


HAHA, Jen that’s so cute! I love it! Which paper do you get? I miss the Palm Beach Post :sad: It used to have good Disney articles sometimes & I miss the ‘Accent’ section. :laugh:


I think it’s a lightpost.


Love it! Thanks for sharing with us.


I saw this too! Cut it out and hung it on my fridge. Do you get the “Heart of the City” comic strip in your paper? it’s my favorite. You’d like it since you have girls, it’s about a little girl whose always in her princess dresses; I must have 15 of this strip on my fridge, Heart is my daughter to a T.


Thanks for sharing. I love it! :happy:


heehee, thanks for the morning giggle :happy:


I second the T-shirt! I’ve never heard of the strip though.


So cute, thanks for sharing.


That’s cute. Thanks for posting it.


Thats funny, I love it!!


OH I know . . . DD4 is that little girl to a T! Cracks me up everytime! :laugh: