Cute little story about my kids


Yesterday, the kids were painting in the kitchen, listening to Disney music. They are 12 and 9. They asked me what MGM stood for. I told them , “metro, Goldwyn, Mayer”. My daughter said, “Oh, I though it stood for Mickey’s Great Movies”.

They are ruined for sure!


Awwwwww! :wub:


That is adorable!


I prefer their version of MGM! Cute


:laugh: that’s too cute.


I like their version better!:happy:


I like their version better too!!


All your hard work and training has paid off! Too Cute!!!


bless them! Too cute :slight_smile: x


They are so cute. I love kids.


I think that is a wonderful way to think about it…


Awww that’s so adorable! You’ve trained them well!


Awesome and very creative. . you should be proud :closedeye