Cwgirlattitude Trip Report Jan 12-17 2008


This is my very first attempt at a trip report. So hopefully it will go well. To start with we had no problems with the flight on the 12th nor were there any problems with the ME. We arrived at POP about 5pm. We got first floor 50s facing Generation Gap bridge. Great room, very quiet and not too far from Everything Pop and the bus area.:cool:

Went to the room and got ready to go to the Magic Kingdom because I had made ressies for Crystal Palace at 7pm. Walked around Main Street for a bit then it started just pouring. Made a hasty retreat for the sidewalk. Walked down and stood in front of Casey’s Hotdogs until it let up a bit. And for general information our ponchos were in the luggage that had to be delivered.:laugh: Learned my lesson there, to put them in the carryon stuff.
We then took off to go ride Pirates as I wanted to see how much different it was with Jack and Barboso in it. And the verdict was I loved it :heart: Still made me smile and finally it felt like I was actually at Disney. After that we had a look around Adventureland. I about jumped out of my skin when those totum poles sprayed water on me.

It was then time for us to head back over to Crystal Palace for dinner. Checked in and only had to wait about 10 min to be seated. It was ok but wasn’t something I would go back for dinner. Will just stick to the CP breakfast. At the end of the meal told the waiter that I did have the dining plan…“or so I thought I did”…He came back and said neither one of the cards had dining on it. Then the manager came over and she told me the same thing. And said we should talk to POP about this. :mad: And that is what we did, instead of spending a little more time at MK that evening we went back to the hotel.

We get back to the hotel, and I went back to the room to get the paperwork that said I did purchase dining. Back to the front desk I went showed them the paper. The manager had to call central reservations. Then she explained to me that because I used a discount code that gave me free water parks and more along with some amount off each night that it canceled out the dining part of the package. They did refund money about 3 weeks before the date of arrival. But no one told me anything about it would change my reservation so much. :crying: So lesson learned I will never use a disney discount code again.

This is the end of day 1 Jan 12th. Will write more later.


Awwww, I can’t wait…This gives me my Disney fix until I go again…hee hee. You are doing a great job by the way…I didn’t know how to load my pictures correctly so my TR was’t as good as it could have been…but yours is great!


Keep it coming!


[B]On to the next day, 13th, Sunday. Got up, went to get some breakfast and to purchase the resort mug. Then headed off to the Magic Kingdom. Took the long way as I really wanted to ride the monorail. So took the bus to Epcot then hopped the monorail and then the Ferry to MK.

Once inside the MK went up to the train station and hopped aboard for the 20 min tour of MK. When we finished on our way down we were stopped by the Dream Team and given Year of A Million Dream MouseEars! We then headed over to Tomorrowland where we did Monsters Laugh Floor, Buzz Lightyear Spin, and Carousel of Progress. Absolutely loved Monsters. Hilariously funny and very well done.

Then we took off to Fantasyland. Did everything but Snow White. Just couldn’t bring myself into going onto that ride.Stood in line for what seemed like forever for Peter Pan. All because of the Fast Pass. Really shouldn’t of been using Fast Pass that day. My personal opinion it’s a legal way to cut in line. We were 14 people back from the ships and it took us almost 35 min. to get on a ship. That was our longest wait the whole trip. It did rain today also, but we were prepared and had the ponchos with us.

Will finish up day two probably late this evening, as I gotta get ready for a date[/B]


I love this TR! Can’t wait for the rest! :happy:


Love this report. That first [picture from the ME bus is awesome.


Great trip report so far…I want those ears!


[B]Sorry that I didn’t get to this yesterday, I felt aweful :blow: so I slept all day, still not 100% but gotta get to this so I don’t forget.:blink: Anyway the rest of the second day, it did rain for most of it. After we finished up in Tomorrowland we head to Liberty Square, of did Presidents. Which I do enjoy, just like watching them fidget like the rest of us do. After them we walked on over to the Haunted Mansion. I :heart: the upgrades. Except the ride stopped right where the bride is, so I got stuck in my head for the rest of the day was " Here comes the bride" and " I do and I did" Oh well it could of been alot worse, could of had another song stuck in my head.We then headed over to Adventureland, my roomie actually got on Big Thunder Mountain, but didn’t get any pics of the ride. Then headed back over to Country Bear Jamboree, I just love them, especially Big Al.

As we stepped out of the Jamboree saw Woody’s Roundup was going on “hope that is the name of it” And Yee Haw…at the good looking Cowboys Disney has working for them!! LOL:laugh:

As we exited Frontierland…we headed on over to Adventureland. Where I promptly got spit on by those pesky camels:ohmy: Since the Tiki Birds were just about to start, went ahead and got in line for them. I have seen the Under New Management show before, and I still just don’t care for it. I like the original better. After the Tiki Room, headed on over and got on board the Jungle Cruise. Went on it four times…and all four times got gal skippers. Kept hoping for a guy, cause I have always felt them men were better at the Jungle Cruise. Remember this is just my opinion, take it for what it is worth.

After we finished cruising. We headed back over to the Castle to watch Dream along with Mickey “once again hope that is what it is called” Absolutely a great show, the moving character heads are awesome. Really going to make the children believe that they are even more real.:wub:

This was EME at the Magic Kingdom. So we got our wristbands. We had dinner at the Colonial house. Actually was suprised the fried fish was wonderful. :happy: We then just hung around and rested until the park closed to the general public. At 8pm of course they did Wishes. Was spectacular. But the roomie didn’t get any pics of it, as she hasn’t figured out how to get her digi to take pics at night.:confused: After Wishes was over we went ahead and walked on Haunted Mansion then went and did Jungle Cruise and Pirates again. Was only about 10pm and decided that we would just beat the crowds and leave then instead of waiting till eleven.

That is the end of the 2nd day. I promise will post some move later today.:pirate:



Wow, great pictures! Sorry about the mix up with the dining plan. :frowning:


Great TR so far… sorry to hear about the dining plan


I LOVE your pictures! And enjoying your report.

Well - that sucks about the DDP. It’s getting so that you have to have a University Course in WDW before planning a trip.:cool:


Really enjoying your TR. Wow…I bet that mixup with the DDP really threw your wallet into a loop.


Loving your TR! Can’t wait to hear more.



I really love your pictures. Keep the report coming :smile:


Cool TR and great Pics… I cant wait to read more.


Come back… we want more…


[B]Ok our next full would of been the 14th. We decided to start with Animal Kingdom. Of course the first thing I wanted to do when we got there was ride EE. And I rode it 4 times in a row! Awesome ride. Best coaster so far for Disney. At least in my humble opinion.

We then headed on over to the Wonders of Flight Pavilion. As I am a huge lover of birds. Have never seen the show before. And was very impressed. Beautiful birds, most aren’t normally in bird shows.

We then headed toward Kilimanjaro Safari. Had a small 30 min wait. But wasn’t too bad. Got some really good upclose pictures of the animals.

Part two of this day will be posted in a few hours. :’ [/B]


We need more!!!


Great TR and superb photographs!


[B]2nd part of the 14th is as follows. We decided to leave the Animal Kingdom oh about 2:30 or so. And Headed over to EPCOT. My feel were absolutely killing me by now, did too much in the two days. But we did get to EPCOT in time to go on Spaceship Earth. I did notice the track didn’t change, still as bumpy as ever.:huh: The starfield sequence is very cool.:cool:

We then proceeded over to The Living Seas. I really did enjoy the updated version with Nemo. And was very amused with Turtle Talk with Crush. Have never seen that before and was very adorable.

After the Seas we went over and did Living With the Land. And if I remember correctly last time I was here back 1998 they had real cast members on the boat telling about the things in the ride instead of what they have now which is just a recording. Please correct me if I am wrong on that. I am just always amazed at the things they have growing and how they have all the plants set up.

We then walked on over to the Journey into Imagination as I am in love with Figment. Just think that purple dragon is the cuttest thing to ever walk the earth or whatever he does…well of course next to Tigger. Was hoping to get a picture with him but he wasn’t home :crying:. We then walked over to the other side so I could ride Test Track. WOW is all I can say about that. First time every on it and have to say that is one awesome ride.:blush: Then proceeded on over to the Universe of Energy as it was 10 min till the next show began. Much improved over the last time I saw it, At least Ellen is funny and makes the ride more interesting for everyone.:happy:

And so this is the end of the 2nd full day at WDW.:wub: