D23 Expo


[B][I][SIZE=“6”][COLOR=“DarkOrchid”][B][I][/I][/B]Hey did anyone get to go to the Disney D23 expo??? I wanted to go sooo bad but didn’t have the time… but I wanna hear all about it!!![/I][/B][/COLOR]:[/SIZE]:ariel:


So far no one has posted that they were able to go. There are a few threads around the D23 Expo.


I wanted to go VERY badly but as a school teacher the timing was very bad, there’s no way I could have gotten off of work to go to California.


I didn’t get to go personally, but kept up with some of on Saturday and Sunday through the WDW Radio live video feed. Based upon what I’ve seen, it will be VERY TEMPTING to go to the next one (assuming there is one).


I didnt go, and to be honest, I really had no interest in going. Hm.

I couldnt have gotten the time off from work anyways.