Has anyone gone to this, “First Official Disney Fansite” yet?

Great idea, but a membership for 75.00?

Bad idea, Disney, give me my Mousebuzz anyday.


There are a few threads about D23 here:




I bought the magazine and it’s very nice. I didn’t join but by the time I buy all the magazines in a year I’ve almost paid for the membership.


We browsed the website and thought about it, still thinking… Given the quarterly magazine comes in at over $6o for the year, $75 seems not too bad. We likely couldn’t take part in any regional events though.


That’s what we were thinking, if we buy the magazine every time it comes out we might as well join.


Well,the mag would be nice, if it’s anything like the old Disney mag. or better. I’d like to get a sample first.


it is a nice site yeah but no way would I pay membership for it! They have opened this to entice people away from sites like MB imo. However, you can try to get me away from MB but id go kicking and screaming all the way!!! LOL.



I dont ever think I would pay $75 for a site when I have MB. I just dont think its worth it…


For Heaven’s sake… they really think we’ll buy anything that says Disney, don’t they?

I am way too cheap for anything like that. I won’t pay for admission to any Expo. It’s only a bunch of businesses trying to sell you things there anyway. Why should consumers pay for the privilege of being a captive audience to vendors?

I hope this whole idea is a big flop.


My sister’s husband surprised her with a D23 membership the other day, so I’ll get to check out the magazine without paying the $75. :blush:I’m curious to she is she ends up getting any other perks for her membership.


We subscribe to an on-line Disney fine art buy/sell group. We just got our letter yesterday, and they are touting the new D23 Club & Expo as a startup of the old Disneyana Convention, which they had back in the 90’s to early 00’s. This letter has inside info on Disney, which is usually right on. I think that I will have to bite the bullet and get Sharon a subscription. The $75 does not bother me, it will be the thousands it will cost if it is a restart of the Disneyana Convention! Very limited and costly fine art pieces (if you are into that).

The Expo is supposed to be a few days after the 999 Haunts event in early September at Disneyland.