I got very curious and checked out D23’s website. I clicked on become a member, and it directed me to a purchase website. I selected silver package or whatever it was, and you have to pay for just ONE year?! So you can be on there for one year and pay, but you can be on here forever for free. Am I right? If not, who knows the real thing?:blink:


Huh, I guess maybe you would ask permission to be free, But “hah!” I`m just sayin!


Crazy, right??? :laugh:

These forums aren’t owned by Disney (which is why the name changed from “Disney Central” to “Mousebuzz” several years ago), so you can access them for free and talk as much Disney as you want.

The paid D23 membership is supposed to give you something somewhat “exclusive.” That’s what you’re paying for… to be in the Disney-owned Disney fan club and receive “exclusive” information. However, it’s really only good if you’re going to take advantage of their offers. You’re buying a membership so you can buy more things… exclusive things… like a trip to the convention at Disneyland or the “D23 Exclusive” merchandise on DisneyShopping.com.

As for me, right now I will stick to Mousebuzz for my Disney discussions! :laugh: Isn’t it great that there is an outstanding Disney community here for free??? A wealth of Disney knowledge that you don’t have to pay for! :happy:


It’s true. I admit, I due plan on purchasing a D23 membership possibly this year or next, simply to go to the D23 convention. But for the most part, I think it’s a lot of money to shell out if I’m not going to take advantage of the perks, like Victoria said, of purchasing the exclusive merchandise from them. Although, the site is pretty neat, MB is just… dare I say it… (YUP.) BETTER!

It’s amazing that there is a place for us to go and rant about loving disney, ask advice from people who care and share advice with people who need it. If there’s anything you need to know about Disney, theres atleast one person here who has the answer, or knows where to find it!

It’s great, this was the best thing I’ve ever found on the internet! :wub:


I have to agree. Mousebuzz is my little escape from reality every day! :heart:


Thank you guys! I was just so curious. And yes, MouseBuzz is the best website EVER.:laugh: