Daily rental car?


Looking for info on a single day car rental. We are staying at BCV Aug 20-27. We are using DME from MCO. Weekly rates for cars have climbed out of my comfort zone. I assume that with the success of DME there are less people renting cars and the lower volume has driven up the cost. Anyway, We have friends that have recently moved to The Villages. On our last trip in May they came to see us and we had a great time doing the monorail tour (we were at BLT) and ented up eating over at the GF. We are thinking of seeing their new home and spending a half day there. Is there an easy way to get a car for the day? Has anyone done this? What was the cost and how was the process of getting the car and returning it. Any info would be helpful.


You can go right to the Dolphin and pick up a car. They have an Alamo rental desk in the lobby, if you go online and do all the paperwork before you get there, all you have to do is pick up the keys. Then go to Valet and they bring the car around. When your done for the day just bring it back to the valet and they take care of the rest. Hope you have a greeat vacation!


We did the rental at the Dolphin a few years ago and it worked great. I got an early morning bus to Epcot, and since I was the only one on the bus, the driver actually made an impromptu stop and let me off right in front of the resort. The following day when we returned the car, took the whole family, then we caught the transpo to the parks from the Dolphin. It was pretty easy and a great option for a day trip away from the world!


All of the big national companies have a desk either at an onsite resort or at DTD. Check expedia or your favorite travel web site for the cheapest price. Also check the sites themselves. You might be suprised what discounts you qualify for. And remember to check any club/organization or charge card discounts you might be able to use.


I’ve heard that there’s a rental place near the gates to the MK on the moms panel. How would someone get there to pick up? Bus to MK, and then from there?


It is located in the Car Care Center. Call the rental companies desk and they should be able to pick you up at the resort or take a cab.


Much appreciated. :happy:


The Dolphin Resort is the way to go, thanks. It will be a short walk over from Beach Club Villas and the rate from 10am to 10pm is around 40 bucs, which seems reasonable and affordable.


Everyone has steered you well. Dolphin is way to go! :laugh:


We are going to visit a relocated Jersey girl:laugh:


The Car Care Center also rents Alamo/National, be careful and check both the Car Care Center and the Dolphin. I usually get a better price if I pick it up at the Dolphin. But if you do rent from the Car Care Center just call over to them and they will come and pick you up.


Online both locations are the same price and if I pre-pay online as another poster suggested I can save about $4.


You can also check out MouseSavers.com - Disney Discount Source - Disney World Discounts, Disneyland Discounts, Disney Cruise Discounts for discount codes. I suspect it will be tough for a one day rental but you can try!


What weekly rates were you getting? I got a smaller (Corolla?) car for 190 the week of 8/17 to 8/24. I chose the car care center and alamo and used a BJ’s code. There was a code in entertainment book as well and a $40 Alamo insiders code from the email. I don’t usually get a car but I though’t I would try something different.


Didn’t check weekly rates only for the day. We used to rent all the time but after about a year or two of DME the rates have been too high. I tracked travel time around the resort twice durring two one week trips. estimated a loss of time using WDW transportation of 8 hours. That is a lot of time and it kills me when i don’t have a car but with a free ride from and to the airport and the higher rental rates i just don’t want to part with the cash:pinch:


Oh. I’m staying 9 nights so the car is for the week in between. I’m still using ME. I didn’t want to drag those bags around.


I had a great trip and the rental car with Alamo was quick and easy. The hardest part was waiting to get into the Hess gas station on the corner. Wow, that is one busy station. The car was OK, rode well but the airbag light was flashing and there was a noise from the back when we went over big bumps. Not really noticeable on the highway. I will defiantly use them out of the Dolphin again.