Daily transportation to parks


We are staying at the Saratoga Springs Resort and will be using the shuttle to and from the parks. I have a nephew who lives near by and will be joining us on various days, will he be able to ride the shuttle with us? Any experience or thoughts on this would be very helpful.


Bus drivers are supposed to check resort keys… however, i have NEVER seen any of them do this. so i don’t think your nephew will have a problem.


I think it’s fine for your nephew to ride Disney transportation because I am under the impression that theme park ticketholders are entitled to use it.


I guess that would make sense because if you bought a 7 day hopper and was staying off Disney you would have to get in your car and go from park to park if you were not able to use the Disney transportation???


But will he be driving to SS and parking there while you’re at the parks? That could be your only hassle. Park passes entitle you to use of all Disney transportation, so that’s not a problem.


No, you can use Disney trans. to go park to park. At least, the last time I was there in '00 I did (I stayed in off property time share). If you think about it, the only way to get to MK is by monorail or boat, right?


No, he will not be parking at SS, he will be dropped off by his parents, so he will not have a parking pass. He will have a hopper pass. Thoughts?


Still, even if they check room keys, how will they know he’s not your son or someone who’s part of your group staying at the resort? I believe it still doesn’t matter, the transpo is included if you have a park hopper.


There shouldn’t be any problem, any Disney ticket entitles the holder to Disney transportation.


There are 8 of us at the SS will we all have keys? My daughter is only 6, and we have 6 adults and 1 junior.


Don’t worry about it. You might consider getting a extra parking pass at time of check in to make it easier on his parrents to get through the security gate. Without they will have to show a license and explain why they are there.


I think Disney’s only concern is people parking someplace they shouldn’t to avoid parking fees.

Back in our naive days, Lil’ and I were staying off site, but we wanted to see Wilderness Lodge. We’re walking around, and see a sign “To boats” or something like that. We didn’t know what that meant. So we strolled down to the dock, and the CM said to us, “This boat’s heading to the Contemporary if that’s where you need to go.”

Well, we didn’t “need” to go anywhere, but hey! free boat ride. So we toured the Contemporary. 3yo DS was fascinated by the monorail…

Two hours after we started touring WL, we are standing at the boat dock of the GF trying to figure out how to get back to our car. :happy:

We’ve always been resort guests since that trip, but I’ve never seen anyone asked for resort key/ID.


I’ve stayed at many on site hotels and have never seen a bus driver ask for any kind of park pass or room key. I don’t think your nephew will have a problem at all.


I’ve never seen a bus driver ask. Everything should be fine! :mickey: