Daisy Duck


Quick question… does anyone know where you can meet & greet with Daisy Duck. Would love to get a picture of her with DDs…


I :heart: Daisy Duck!

Ready2go posted this link for finding characters. There is an alphabetical list, click her name and read what the web owners have to say about finding her :mickey:



That website is cool, thanks daisy! She seems really hard to find. I have never found her at DL or WDW…gosh, and to think I was working in that dept. here at DL and STILL never saw her! :whistling


We looked for Daisy for 13 days last summer and didn’t find her. We asked at Character Connection at Epcot and we were told she was now a regular in the tent in ToonTown at MK. A couple of days later we checked and she was there! We finally met her after looked for 2 weeks the year before.


I’ve been very successful meeting Daisy at the front of Main Street, USA. :wink:


I have seen her at MGM at the row of trailers by the millionaire game.


We too stumbled upon her as we exited MK in right before you hit the exits in front of the train station. Never saw her again the entire time.


She was there in Toontown last week during our trip…


I have never stumbled upon her any of the times I’ve gone.
Ariel seems to be the most common to me cause I see her everyplace.


Someone mentioned that she is usually out for MNSSHP…


Toontown Fair and don’t forget to check out the Hat at MGM, I saw here there just the other day!


We finally found her at MGM at the trailers, her and Donald but I believe that they have just moved them to the hat.