Dana - August 2011 trip report


I just got back at 8:30pm. I ended up staying at Pop for two extra nights due to Irene. I should call this report “How to avoid a Natural disaster or three” because while I was away we had an Earthquake, Irene and a tornado touched ground 10miles from my house. I am glad I wasn’t here. All is well at my house. We were blessed with no damage and only lost power for 10hours.

I am not prepared to write my report at this time. I am so tired from driving. I went straight through all the way home and have been up since 2:00 this morning.

I will give you some quick highlights:

  1. I loved Pop Century resort. I already sent an email about their awesome Cast Members. I kept a list of names and experiences so I could be specific!
    2.) I caught a shop lifter at the Polynesian!:ohmy:
    3.) LOVED the outlets and all the stores all around WDW
    4.) Having a car was my favorite part!
    5.) I had an entire family ejected from a Handicap seating area at the MK so three special needs children could see Electric Light Parade
    6.) I absolutely said something to a woman who was filling up a cooler of powerade from the drink station in the food court.
    7.) I am booked to stay at the Art of Animation the second week of June. I will be in the Nemo section. There will only be two sections open and those sections open on 5/31. I can’t wait to experience that resort.

Pictures and real report to come in the morning. I am SO beat!


Glad you’re home… and as for #2, #5, & #6… you GO! :laugh: Can’t wait to hear the details after you’ve had some sleep.


Looking forward to the details! Sounds like you had a few adventures :laugh:


Glad you made it back safe! I can’t wait to read your report.


Sounds like you need to be hired for security at WDW… You could be a plain clothes detective… Good for you!

glad that you got home safely, and that you had fun!


yippee!!! Can’t wait for the details. You sound soooo much like my kind of people. Good people that is :laugh::laugh::laugh:


Dana glad you had a good trip. We did the outlets also. I havent started my TR yet need to get DD off to college.
Cant wait to hear more.


I’m looking forward to the details!! Glad you are home safe!


Getting excited from the previews … :laugh:
More please !!!


Yes what Wall said more pleeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeeeeeee:whistling


Glad your home safe.

Really looking forward to this trip report!


This is like a preview for a new show on TV. Now I can’t wait for the rest. Glad your trip was safe.


Oh - way to leave us hanging Dana!:glare:

Just so glad you had such a fantastic time and can’t wait to read the report - glad you made it home safe and sound!:happy:


Glad you made it back safe but did ya have to go starting the TR already? You are making me look bad! I have been home longer and barely got my pics uploaded! LOL!


WAY TO GO DANA!!! 2), 5), 6), You are my idol.


Officer Mouser, I like it ! ! ! !!

Glad you are home safe and sound



I honestly was torn if I should title this report “how to miss a natural disaster or three” or “Dana - WDW cop”. I honestly walked into more situations than I cared to. I didn’t mention the fight I broke up in the MK…lol


Dana, do you wear a cape when you are at WDW?


Wow, this is going to be like the ultimate TR! I am so ready to read it! You are THE WOMAN!!! That sure was alot of bad behavior in one trip to have to deal with.


Day one - 8/19

My alarm sounded off at 1:30am. Because I used an over-the-counter sleep aid the night before and went to bed at 8pm, I was well-rested and ready to rock. I had myself together and DD up and in the car by 2:15am. We left during a nasty thunder storm. I could have waited it out, but was to excited and left anyway. I was on 95 South by 2:35am and was hauling butt going South regardless of what Mother Nature was throwing at me. I was able to get to the Virgina welcome station by 6am.:blush:

We stopped at that point and checked in with DBF and my Mom who was freaking out that I left in a thunder storm as if it was my first day driving.:whistling I would like to call Virgina the state of crazy drivers and ninja cops. Holy lord they hide in bushes and I counted no less than twenty pulling people over on my way through the state. We stopped at the North Carolina rest station and had a lunchable and something to drink and were back on road in less than twenty minutes. I was on a mission to get to Orlando!

North Carolina goes on FOREVER!! I couldn’t wait to hit South Carolina’s welcome station. By this time my knees were stiff and not happy about sitting all this time, so I power walked around the rest station and allowed us a 30minute break before tackling South Carolina. Good thing I did this because this state also goes on FOREVER! I finally had to stop for gas after this state as well. DBF’s car is excellent on gas. I made it so far on one tank.

We approached Georgia by 2pm and were so exited at how fast we were making this drive. I had no intention of stopping for the night, so I am glad it was such a smooth drive. As we entered Florida at 4:15pm, things changed. We sat for a VERY long time behind a two-car accident that shut down two lanes. I didn’t hit I4 until 6pm. At this time I had DD pull up my Hotwire app on my phone and find us a hotel near WDW. We booked the East gate Ho-jo’s for $29.99 which was exactly $10 off it’s normal rate:closedeye I landed at the Ho-jo’s by 7:30pm. We checked in, dropped our over-night bag in the room and went straight to the Golden Corral and had dinner. We only ate lunchables and snacks in the car and at rest stations to save time and money, so we were starving by then. The Golden Corral was a hot mess. I felt like I had to fight for my food. NEVER again!!!

After dinner we went to the room, unpacked what we needed for the night, got showers and laid in bed wathcing New Moon. I don’t even know what time I fell asleep but the last time I looked at the clock it was 10pm.

End of day one.

Special note: I have no pictures at this time. DD is at her DBF’s already and has all the pictures! They will be loaded at the end.