Dana ~ HELP! (and anyone else who'd like to chime in...)


So, you kinda said you’d be more than happy to help plan our Feb. 1 - 10th grand gathering at WDW.

I’m stuck, totally. Stu and I can’t get into planning past the first days. We have our favorite restaurants but we’d also like to try new too. We’re a large group, so moving around the parks will be slow, to say the least. Here’s our info so far:

Friday ~ Flight leaves Newark at 4:30 pm, Arrive at MCO at 7:30 Counter service at POP

Saturday ~ Pirate and Princess Party at 7pm. Dinner somewhere at MK

Sunday ~ DD’s 13th Birthday, Dinner at Cindy’s Castle at 4:50pm (she’d like to go to AK during the day, and we’d like to surprise her with Wishes Cruise from Poly around 7pm)







Sunday ~ Flight home at 8:30 pm

Restaurants we’re interested in:

Ohana Breakfast
Chef Mickey’s (breakfast, lunch or dinner)
Liberty Tree Tavern (A MUST)
Rose and Crown (Never Been)
Whispering Canyon
Biergarten (Never Been)
Prime Time (Never Been)
Mama Melrose (Never Been)

Must do MK our first full day, then AK the second. Other parks, it’s not important. Monday will need a little break since it will be go go go sat and sun. I’d like to be able to schedual meals so that we can do the least amount of traveling and are able to catch the nighttime shows at the parks.

Please help, I can’t even begin to plan this for some reason.


Here’s is what I would do. I would need to see the park hours and schedules to decide for sure, but this is what my first instint would be.

Sat - Dinner at chef’s before P&P party
Sun - CRT
Monday - MGM - momma melrose
Tuesday - Epcot - Biergarten
Wendesday - o’hanna breakfast - open day
Thursday - MK - liberty tree tavern
Friday - open park day - Whispering canyon cafe for dinner
Sat - Rose and crown and illuminations after.

If you want, I can research your park hours and plan this the right way. I am just picking what makes sense to me based on your needs. If you want me to do this completely, pm me with ALL your info and I’ll get back to you with a complete plan that will make the most of your time at each park with the least amount of hassle.


I totally :heart: you (and not just cause of this) I pm’d you what I can think of as far as info ~ let me know if there’s other info you need.

It’s always been a challenge for me to plan park vs. meals vs. show times ~ i never seem to get it right.


I’ll start working on it. I can make your ADRs if you want…tell me what times you prefer to eat your meals. I make you a planner and keep you on track for the vacation…I have a template made so it’s no biggie. My pleasure totally. I’ll have it done by sunday. If you want me to do the ADR’s, I can do that on sunday too. If not, I’ll make your plans and you let me know what your times and confirmations are later and I can plug them in the planner like magic.


Dana to the rescue again!


aww…you are SO sweet.


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WOW - I should have called Dana about our May trip. We have changed our minds so many times and can’t make a decision. That’s nice of you to do that Dana.


Isn’t she awesome??!!!


My pleasure to help.


GO Dana GO…

See… this is why you need to be on the MOM panel… just say’n!


ok here’s is what I came up with. I went through all the park hours and events for you time frame and looked at the EMHs for each park. I tried to make it as open as possible so you have room to change your mind without running around like a chicken with no head.

day1 = 2/1
nothing as you are getting in to late

day2 = 2/2
MK for rope drop
Break at lunch
Dinner at Liberty tree tavern
P&P party

day 3 = 2/3
AK in the AM
Dinner at CRT
wishes cruise

day 4 = 2/4
EMH (8am-9am) at the AK (yes, I know it’s two days in a row, but you will get on ee SO many times this way)
Break for lunch
dinner at momma’s
EMH at MGM (7pm - 10pm)

day 5 = 2/5
EMH AM (8-9) at Epcot
Break at lunch
World show case at night
Dinner at Biergarten

day 6 = 2/6
MK for rope drop
dinner at whispering canyon
DTd after dinner (bus from WL)

Day 7 - 2/7
MGM for rope drop
lunch at prime time
open night

day 8 = 2/8
sleep in
do whatever
dinner at chef mickey’s
MK for wishes at 10pm and spectro at 11pm

day 9 = 2/9
dinner at rose and crown

day 10 = 2/10
breakfast at o’hanna
park hop and hit your favorites until airport time.

I followed what you wanted for days one and two, but you could hit the EMHs a bit more and not do those parks on the first two days if you wanted. I don’t think EMH are going to be that important that time of year, but who doesn’t like having the park practically to themselves to walk on rides? I saved all the info for you. LEt me know if you want it types out and mailed to you.


Thanks for saying so…not going to happen, but here’s to wishing.


I like to make up a color coded chart in Excel - it helps me to visualize. Here’s an example… http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v484/SuiteDisney/Personal/share.jpg


Very nice!


Thank you. That’s only one page. I have one page with all of our plane and room reservations (and plenty of pictures), and another page of park hours.

I started doing this when I found something similar that a woman had made up. She must have had 10 different pages in her plans! I changed them around to suit myself and then changed things around as I learned what I was doing.

I can’t remember where I found the original planning sheets, but I did save them to my hard drive. I’ll be happy to email them to anyone who wants them.


Dana ~ you rock!! That’s an awesome itinerary!!! I’m off to email it to the rest of the group. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to do it for me. :wub:


You are very welcome. Get back to me when you have your ADR’s set and I’ll print them out for you. I have the template made so it would only take me about ten minutes…you can make copies and give them to everyone in the group. I will give you an ADR + park plan page and a park hours page. IT will be only two pages and will have everything you need to know on it…park hours, EMH blah blah…no trouble as I enjoy doing it.


I started making mine cause I was sick of trying to write in the passporter…I figured I would make my own planner and have been doing so for that last few years. Mine is very organized in a folder for each part of the trip…I bought a really cool binder last trip that I intend to use again…zipper pockets…velcro and all kinds of cool things…lol


You guys are awesome planners! We usually just wing it.

Where can I find out park hours, EMH and such for a specific time frame (like next Sept.)?

This will help with ADR’s. We missed EMH at AK this time because I didn’t check in advance and we had early ADR’s at O’Hana.