Dana, it was you worst nightmare


I had a dream last night that it was the day we were leaving for vacation and I wasn’t done packing. Not only that, my laundry wasn’t done, I didn’t have anything done like getting gas in my van, buying snacks, packing backpacks, making sandwiches. It was awful! Luckily, I woke up and most stuff is done. It was just a bad dream. :happy: Just wanted to share.


Pumouse, Packed or not… I’ll trade places with you! :wink:


OH NOOOOOOO!! I would have woke up in a panicky sweat! But, then again, either way your going to DL!-(only if you went ahead and put that gas in! :tongue: )


Yep, and I figured it out and I could make it almost all the way there on one tank of gas in my new van!!


I hope you’re not making sandwiches 7 days out… :laugh:



Unfortunately, though, usually your nightmare is my reality :pinch: ! I never start packing until the day before the trip and usually don’t finish until 3:00am! The 6:00am (or earlier!) alarm clock wake-up comes as a (literally!) rude awakening after that.

I wish I could get it together, but I never can… :nonono2:


Tuna salad sandwiches perhaps??? :pinch:


Scary nightmare!!! :o:O


Yea, those should keep just fine. Just be sure to put them under one of those McDonald’s heat lamps… :laugh:


I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Scary dream, though, Pu!


AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! That is the worse dream EVER!!! I would have been sweating and in tears when I woke up…pure panic. I think I just might take my suitases down today and dust them off…for octocer LOL


I am going to stalk you into packing earlier next time… I’ll comstantly pm you message like “have you packed yet?” I’ll mail you packing lists etc. I’ll bet if I do that every single day for a month, you may want to do it. I’ll make individual packing lists for everyone in your family…lol


That’s a GREAT idea!! It’s like how having a gym partner makes you go to the gym–I’ll have a PACKING PARTNER which will make me want to pack! I can’t wait! Maybe I’ll be able to get it together this time and get a good night’s sleep before the trip! :tongue:


That’s it!!! I’m yor packing partner. OH boy! You are in for it now. I will need the names and ages of all your travel party and I will make customized Dana packing lists for all. I am going to stalk you into packing…ha haha evil laugh


Dana, you are a wonderful packing motivator! Boys, you are gross! If I could add a smilie here it would be the one that looks like it’s going to barf.


Yes, I am. Poor llama didn’t have a moments peace when she told me she was making that surprie trip to WDW. I kept pming her with “have you packed yet?” I drove her nuts…lol I am still gagging on the tuna comment.


Me too! Now I’m thinking we may just stop in Palm Springs for some cheeseburgers!


I am a big tuna lover and think that I will have to stay away from it today…eww


One tank of gas! That’s impressive! :heart:


Oooh! Fun, fun, fun!! There will be four of us in May–all chicks! I’ll send a PM with extensive descriptions. By the way, please give me a deadline for doing my laundry that must be packed–that’s what usually sets me back because the laundromat only stays open 'til 9:00!