Dana - the sorta report


Hey all. Hope you have all been well. I got in around 6:30pm and am just now getting myself on here to check in. I don’t have the luxury of having tomorrow off, so I had to get myself organized tonight…so much to do in so little time. I don’t really know how to start a report for this trip. I took no notes…barely any pictures. We had SO many bumps in the road on this one, but still managed to have some seriously magical moments. I will try and start something tomorrow, but don’t think that I have all that much to say about this trip. I know…the shock. I am just afriad it will come out in one big complaint…lol It wasn’t horrible by any means, but so much went wrong with this trip…so many moments I wanted to scream at someone “what the heck did you do with my WDW?”.

Here are some highlights of great moments:

  • pirate and princess party
  • winning a magic pass while on TOT
  • hanging out with good friends
  • spending time with my DD
  • EMH at MGM last night until 1am
  • EMH in general were a God send…we utilized them every day
  • O’hanna’s dinner our first night - I am happy to say the food and service was it’s old self…EXCELLENT!
  • Phil in the gift shop at POFQ…he rocks
  • private meet with Jafar (thanks rowdy!)
  • Regina my mousekeeper…she knocked on my door to say goodbye today…

Bad moments :

  • getting the run around about my check in time.
  • the bus service in general
  • Rose and crown…never again
  • pin traders at DTD trying to rip my kid off …GRRR another pin trader boasting about how he ripped off a kid…GRRRR
  • rude guests…it’s even more apparent when the crowds are larger
  • rude CM’s…I snapped at one who was so rude to my DD that she wanted to cry.
  • The owfits people wear in a family park. I could start an entire thread on what people should not wear…talk about disgusting in some cases.
  • mass exits…I have always been claustrophobic, but it hit an all time high this year. I can’t believe how bad it is now…I was in tears leaving illuminatiions…I just can’t do that large leave at all…it’s horrible for me. Ruined the night and made every one around me feel uncomfortable cause I was a basket case.

So that’s something to hold you all over until I can sit and do a day-by-day. We really had a great time. The bad things were brushed under the carpet as much as possible…if not, it would have ruined entire days or the entire stay. I have to seriously think about whether I want to return to POFQ in august next year. Their buses were a mess and I think it ran terrible due to the amount of people at both the PO resorts. It shoudln’t take an hour to get to the AK…not at 7am… I was grabbing cabs more than I ever have…lol I can’t imagine how the people at POR feel when they are always having to stand when the bus finally gets to them. I assure you this wasn’t the case when I stayed there in october that year.

The pin traders at DTD are not meant for rookies…there is an african americal gentleman down there with a grayish beard who was boasting about how he got three cast member lanyards pins off a kid for a regualr old tigger pin…it was horrible to listen to him. I would not allow my child to trade with him at all. Another guy tried ripping my kid off completely getting her to trade 5 pins for one crap pin…until I came over…she is not allowed to trade with them without my supervision from now on. Good part of the trading down there is there are a few really great people that were extremely helpful to Sara, so there are more good than bad people there.

I will try and put something together soon…I just don’t know what to say guys. It was one of those trips where 50% of the day went wrong and the other 50% was perfect…everything I say is going to sound terrible. I just don’t want it to come off wrong. I’ll work on it for you.


Oh no Dana! I’m sorry your trip wasn’t as great as usual. I am loking forward to hearing about the fun parts though :slight_smile:


Welcome home Dana. So excited to see you pop up on the home page a few minutes ago. Sorry your trip wasn’t 100% magical…get settled and we’ll all be ready for your TR!


That is funny you said that because I was APALLED at what people wore, or, didn’t wear!:ohmy: :blow: It was out in full force this summer I guess!
Glad to have you back and I can’t wait to read how it went with the other MBers you got to see!


Dana!! I am SO glad you enjoyed the P&PP and got to spend great time with friends. I am also VERY anxious to hear about your experience with these “pin traders” in DtD. We had an incident during Girl Trip with sweet Alyssa that left me FUMING mad, I wanted to knock this guy in the gut. I am starting to think SOME of these adult pin traders that hang out in DtD are just NOT there in the best interest of “the sport.” :glare:

Anyway, Can’t wait to hear about everything! Missed you. :heart:


Well Dana, welcome home! Hopefully you can get a little rest tonight. I’m sorry things weren’t as great as usual, but feel free to vent to us!


So sorry to hear you didn’t have a fully magical trip . . . maybe a good rest and you’ll only remember the good?? :confused: :blink: :wub:

I’ve heard/read about the DTD pin traders . . . we never trade there for that reason. My Mom once saw a lady trying to get a kid to go into the shop and buy her a certain pin before she would “trade” with her . . . terrible!! My Mom said “what are you doing?” and the lady turned and fled . . . maybe she thought the kid was with my Mom! NOT GOOD!! :mad:


Glad you’re back. I sincerely hope I don’t run into the problems you did at POFQ…


Welcome back, Dana!! I am so sorry so many things went wrong, I hope you and Sara only remember the good parts by now.

I can’t believe ADULTS would try and rip kids off, that is totally nuts. I have never let Nate trade with another guest and now I am so glad. He trades with CMs and I think I’ll keep it at that.

I’m so sorry POFQ’s buses didn’t work out this time, I wonder what is up. Was there a CM at the bus stop in the morning with a clip board? We saw several at all 3 resorts we stayed at this summer, including POFQ. The CM was keeping track of whick buses came through and at what time.


:ohmy: :huh: :blink: :pinch:

Um, welcome back. I’m so sorry you had so many “bad moments.” I’m still looking forward to your full TR 'cuz they’re always so good! I’m glad there were plenty of hilights. Hopefully they’ll kick those bad moments in the butt.:laugh: :happy:


Sorry too that it was a 50/50 trip. It’s supposed to be 100 magical!

Will be looking forward to seeing your pictures though. I’m sure you do have some great magical moments to share. can’t wait

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I was wondering today when you would be back!! I am sorry you had a half crappy time! I can’t wait to hear the good and the bad (Rose and Crown! I will try and brace myself for that one :laugh:)
But welcome back…we miss you girlie!!


Ummmm, I was hoping we would see you here today.
I can’t wait to hear about the good, the bad and the ugly. Well, I’ve heard a little bit, I need all of it :blush: for the sake of being prepared


Welcome back, Dana!!

I’m so sorry to hear it wasn’t the bestest trip ever ~ so hear ya on what the people wear in WDW (What Not To Wear could do a whole season right at WDW!!) Ask Wishy about the man in blue shorts at AK our last day!!

Like Wish said, too…some of the adults trading pins at DTD aren’t doing it the “Disney” way. I definately will watch the kiddos closely in Feb.

I don’t care how much you have to complain about, I want to hear it all. We all have not so magical moments while there ~ it’s a trip report…we like the good, the bad and the ugly (which I imagine will be the report of some of those outfits!!!)

Get yourself rested!! Have a good day at work tomorrow!!


Holy Cow, didn’t you just leave??? :huh: I can’t imagine how fast this trip went for you, if it went by this quickly for me.

I’m sorry some of your trip is tainted. I’m especially sorry for Sara!! That stinks about the pin traders, I’m with Steph…Devyn only trades with CM’s. Of course, they are a lot younger than Sara though.

I hope with some rest, you can relive the happy memories with us!

Welcome Home!! (??)


Awwweee Dana, I’m sorry your trip wasn’t as magical as planned. Sounds like you didn’t let the bad stuff take away your magic. I’ll bet tomorrow morning comes waaaayyyy too early for you. Have a good day at work (drink lots of caffine, lol!). Look forward to hearing all about your trip.


Sorry to hear that. :pinch:

Unfortunately, I have found, to my shock and surprise, that people will do anything if they think they can get away with it… :pirate:

If it makes you feel any better, children can be just as bad… But for an adult to take advantage of a child, it means that “adult” never learned life lessons… :angry:

Luckily for all concerned, you were at hand… :wub:

Sorry to hear your trip was so so. :crying:


Welcome back, Dana.

Wow, that just bites. You were so looking forward to this trip…I’m sorry to hear that you had so many difficulties. I know not even Disney can be all magic, all the time, but some things shouldn’t have to be dealt with (least of all some schmuck trying to take advantage of a kid).

Glad that you and Sara still were able to enjoy yourselves. Bring on the ranting TR – we’ll take it all.


Glad your home safe and sound. Looking forward to reading all about it.


Welcome back Dana… sorry to hear you had some ups and downs, still can’t wait to read your TR.