Dana's 2010 trip report


I am home all! I am sorry for not doing the live report. It just wasn’t in the cards. For the first 5 days I was Barbie tour guide to my friend and her son and after they left, I just wanted to have fun with my DD. I do hope I am forgiven.

I am unpacking and settling in right now. I will begin my report first thing tomorrow. I have one more day off before I go back to the reality of work…bleh. I will say that I received a bouce-back for free dining on my third day and booked by the end of my 5th day. I am scheduled to go to WDW again from 8/21 - 8/29. We will be back at POFQ again.

So, trip report and pictures tomorrow…tonight is cleaning up and sleep! Missed you all.:flowers:


Glad you are back home safe and sound. Looking forward to reading your report :happy: Hooray for the bounce back offer!


All is forgiven. Looking forward to the TR.


Welcome back, I hope you had a great trip!


I was hoping i didnt miss the Live report!!! I was looking for it though!
Cant wait to hear all about it!!
Yay for the bounce back!


Welcome back!! Can’t wait:)


Welcome home, Dana! And good for you, that you planned another trip for 2011 already! :biggrin:


Awesome for already having another trip booked! Rest on your bonus day off.


Day #1 - August 22nd

Our party for the first half of the trip consisted me, my DD, my dear friend and her 6 year old son. We’ll call him FDS and her DF.

My alarm sounded off at 2am. Having gone to bed with the help of some unisom at 8:30ish pm the night before, I was pretty well rested. I had packed the car the day before and carry-ons were lined up by the front door, so the only thing I had to do was get myself ready and wake up my DD. I took my time, made the bed and woke her up at 2:35. We were out the door by 2:55. We sent a text to my DF to let her know we were leaving. She had already sent me one to let me know she was up at around 2:15 or so.

DD and I made a stop at wawa to get some caffiene and was at my DF’s house in no time. It was raining heavy enough to be annoying, but not enough to get soaked while I was loading up her stuff in my very tiny Forensa. I knew space was going to be an issue and we ended up having to stick one of her suitcases on the back seat as a wall between her and her son and her son ended up sitting on the little one and using it as a booster for the ride…lol

The ride to the airport took about 40minutes or so and we were parked and inside by 4:40am. I had already checked up in for the flights, so we just turned our luggage over and went through security. We made our way over to a little food place and grabbed something to eat while we waited for our 5:43am boarding.

The flight left exactly on time and we actually arrived about ten minutes early. I slowly walked her through the airport after taking the monorail to baggage claim so she could see what to do when she left on Thursday. She was a bit nervous as she has never been to Orlando airport alone.

We headed right to the lady with the mickey hands and got in our line for the ME bus. This took mere minutes and were on the road to POFQ in less than 20minutes from stepping off the monorail…can’t beat that.


Wawa!!! You must be in South Jersey!!! We love Wawa, but don’t have any up here in north Jersey :frowning:
Sorry to go off track!! Loving your trip report so far!


Your forgiven for no live trip report!!! And good start to you TR I can’t wait to see pics!


The ME stopped at OKW and SSR before arriving at POFQ. I really didn’t mind the wait which is strange because I am normally very impatient. We jumped off the bus and headed right over to the on-line check in station and were handed our welcome packets. Our rooms were not ready, but they were able to tell me that we both got in the same building and the building number was three. That was awesome as I requested that building spefically. I had called and had our reservation numbers “linked” a few weeks prior to ensure the best possible chances of being close to each other.

We went over to the food court and grabbed some breakfast while we waited. Everyone wanted to settle in before heading out, so we were going to stick out waiting and hoping for a room early much to my dismay. At around 11am I received a text message that my room was ready. My DF’s room not so much ready, so me and DD headed up to unload all the crap we were carrying and called for our Garden Grocer order to at least get that put away. GG had called me at 9am to tell me they dropped off.

The groceries were delivered and my luggage came 20minutes after that. DF still had no room and she was becoming a tad impatient and annoyed that mine was ready and her’s wasn’t. I suggested that her son go swimming. DD offered to take him in the pool while we waited. It was becoming VERY hot and at least he would be occupied while we watied for her room.

I sat on the bench near the arcade and told DD to walk her over the Bells service and ask them to let her get her Ds’s swimsuit out of the luggage. Ten minutes later they come back empty handed and annoyed. Apparently the bells service guy (who was fro NJ…go figure) was rude and told her he had no way of knowing if her luggage arrived yet and she would have to wait. He made no effort to even check…not so disney my man, not so disney.

They come back to the bench and tell me this story and I told them to wait on the bench I would get the swim suit. My DD started laughing and said “I told you so” to my DF. Apparently she knew I would not accept no as an answer. I walked over to the bells service station and said " Hi. My sister was just here to get her son’s swim suit. What’s the problem?" Before he could even get a word out, I told him " I know dang well that the luggage is here. We arrived hours ago and my luggage is in my room." He said that he wasn’t sure if it was here. I said “did you even attempt to check?” He just stared at me. I walked away and went to the luggage area and asked a CM where the luggage was and explained that I only wanted to get the kid’s swim suit. She said “no problem” I grabbed the suit and was out of there in minutes and back to the bench seconds later. Everyone was laughing as I walked up and it was at that moment I realized that I was totally in charge of this trip. Apparently it was at this moment that it became “my disney” and I had to solve all issues and problems that arrose for the next 5 days. I was not liking this feeling. I am in charge EVERY day and I go to disney NOT to be in charge.

The kids went in the pool. We sat at the bar and had a beer while we waited for her room. It was here that we met our favorite bartender Shelley who has been at POFq for 14 years. I remembered her from previous trips. She seriously is awesome!

DF finally got a text message at 3pm that her room was ready…it was directly next to my room that had been ready for hours…ironic…lololol


I had ordered baskets for the rooms to surprise the kids about a week before we left. I got Nemo for my DD and Star Wars for DFDS. The baskets were not in the room when we checked in, so I figured they would come randomly. I didn’t want that to happen while we were in there, so I went down to concierge with my basket confirmation numbers to ask them to deliver them while we were at Chef mickeys for dinner. I was told at that time that mine was already being delivered. I kept DD out of the room while that was supposedly happening. We went back to get showers and get ready for what I thought was a 5pm seating at Chef’s. Neither basket was there, so I thought maybe they were able to get in touch with the runner and they would be delivered while we were at dinner…so I thought.

It started to seriously rain at this time and we decided to just grab a cab to the contemporary. To make the first night even more magical, I had ordered special desserts for both my DD and her son. They were pirate and princess cakes. We checked in for what I thought was a 5pm seating and the girl couldn’t find my ADR. I had verfied all ADR’s before leaving for WDW, so I knew it was in there. It was at this time that the CM thought ruined my cake surprise and announced that she found the ADR for 5:30pm and that we had cakes. She mentioned this in front of them…I said " oh…well you let the cat out of the bag on that one. I was trying to make them a surprise". I wasn’t even annoyed to be honest and kinda laughed about it. She walked away without saying anything. I watched her talk to two other CMs. She was being very animated and I didn’t understand what was going on. Another CM, who I guess was the manager, walked up and said “you wanted to see me?” I really had zero clue about what she was talking about. I never asked to see a manager nor did I have any need to see one. I told her as much. The original CM was now talking to a guy CM and he comes over and asks me what the problem is. Now, I was not only baffled, but annoyed. I said "there is no problem. I had my time written down wrong and the girl accidently ruined my cake surprise, but it’s not big deal.

The original CM comes back and hands me a buzzer and said, “it will be ten minutes, but we can seat you right away”. She was snippy and rude and I still dont understand what happended. We got seated in the “celebration room” and started getting our food. Our waitress was very nice and took great care of us for the first ten minutes. As soon as she got more tables, she kinda forgot we exisited…lol I was careful about my food selections and ate barely anything. This meal was for the kids and I was content with just picking at stuff I knew would not make me sick. The family from ##$#% was seated next to us and their seriously energetic child proceeded to run around the room and walk up to any character in her area whether that character was at another table or not seemed to not matter. The CMs went to the table multiple times and explained how it worked. The parents made no attempt to stop her behavior and many times encouraged it. It was seriously annoying while you were trying to take a picture. After several attempts to get a picture with Sara and mickey, I finally had it and told the girl to go sit down. She said “ok and sat in her chair”. Now if it was that easy, why didn’t the parents do it??? Holy lord!

We waited forever for our server to appear…I had to ask for the surprise cakes…lmao. This meal was a disaster. The cakes were cute though and worth the price of $15.99 each.

We cabbed it back to POFQ and the kids changed back into swim suits and went in the pool. My DD was determined to teach this kid to swim by the time they left. My and DF sat at the bar and just laughed. Her basket was in the room…mine was “lost”. The concierge people were so emabarrased and were deseratly trying to find out what happened. I didn’t even care at this point. I knew it would be found eventually. I had a confirmation number and my card it was paid for with. It was comical that two chances to surprise my DD were ruined. I can never keep anything a secret from her and the two times I managed to, the surprise was ruined…ironic.

Instead of allowing this to annoy me or ruin my day, I just laughed. I moved past the speed bumps and just proceeded with the trip.

We had some wines and called it a night. Everyone was tired from an early wake up and traveling. We were in our rooms by 8:30 and in bed by 9pm.


Our towel mickey head in our room at check in - we had room 3212.


more towell animals waiting for us.


DD with her unsurpise princess cake.


cake close up


DFDS with his pirate cake


he loved it as you can see.


Goofy…no other pictures that came our clearly without a ramdom little girl in it to show…lol