Dana's sketch plans for August


Well here is what I have come up with so far. I found the EMH schedule for August on intercot.om, so I was able to plan a little.

World Showcase
Dinner at Ohanna
EMH at MK maybe

EMH at AK 8-9am
Dinner at Momma’s
EMH at MGM 10pm-1am

sleep in
Breakfast at Chef mickey’s (I am insane for this one)
Dinner at Captain Jacks

MGM for open
Dinner at Boma
EMH at AK 5-8pm

EMH at the MK 8-9am
Dinner at Planet Hollywood

sleep in
Breakfast at 1900 park fare
resort tour on the monorail for shopping!!

World show case
dinner at Lecellier
Mk for spetro and wishes

Crystal palace for breakfast
maybe shoot to MGM before we leave
airport by 1pm

So that’s what I came up with…lots of EMH to avoid the crowds… we are even doing a few night ones since we had such a great time at the MGM one last trip. Lots of breaks and a trip filled with what we like to do at WDW…sounds like a winner. I am not happy with the meals, but I let DD pick most of them…I just picked Momma’s…lol Thanks for reading.


Plans sound great Dana… have a great time.


Dana, I really love how you worked the EMH into your schedule. I am going to save this plan and use it as a model! I think DD did a great job with the meals! She got all the best on there… Boma, Chef Mickey’s, Le Cellier and that unbelievable Crystal Palace breakfast buffet!

So what’s your favorite way to make the PS? Do you call in to set up each day as the res window opens, or do you wait for the first day you can make them all at once?

Love the “Resort tour on the monorail for shopping!” That has to be so fun! Do you stop for Lapu Lapus as you shop?


she picked some great restaurants! (i hope chef mickeys treats your tummy better)


Nice plans Dana! EMH’s is the way to go! Sounds like you girls are going to have a great time, and eat well… lots of great choices.


We haven’t been to Captain Jacks for years, DH LOVED it, but we never seem to be at DTD for dinner…can’t wait to hear how much you enjoy it!

We have a ADR for Mammas on our trip this May/June, but we are thinking about cancelling it to go to the P&P Party instead (if they ever release the dates!!!)

I think your plans look great!


Great plans Dana- its going to be a wonderful trip.


I wait for the first day I can make them and make them for the entire trip. I usually get every one I want, but always have back up just in case. The resort tour is something new for us. We planned to do it last trip and got side-tracked. Me and DD are BIG time shoppers and are really looking forward to our monorail day. No lapu lapus for me…fruity drinks are not a good idea…lol I barely drink at all anymore…haven’t really had all but a beer or two since my august trip.

Thanks to all who read my plans. I always appreciate opinions and feed back from the group.:heart:


Your plans look great! I love how you always mix lots of down time in with your park time, makes for a relaxing trip yet you get everything done that’s important to you.

Good job!


Yummy…I hope you like Capn’ Jacks! We really liked it when we lucked upon it a few years ago. The extra lobster that you get with any entree’ if you are on the dining plan is more than a reason to go there!


Is this just a Dana and DD trip or is the DBF included this year?


Awesome plans! We love EMH, especially the mornings. We’ve only done one PM at MK in 2005, we loved it too but with DS only being 22 months when we go in November we will be sticking to the AMs. Can’t wait to read the TR!


So far, so good. Next will be the attraction by attraction plans, right?


So far, so good! Looks like you’ve got the beginnings of a great trip!


Do you really want them? I do the parks the same exact same way every trip…it’s very methodical:laugh:


This sounds great Dana! How is it that this will be the first August I am NOT going to be there and you are? SHEESH!

Great plans though, as usual! It’s SO going to be here before you know it.


Missed you last time too by just a few days…oh well there is always next year. Thanks for looking at my plans wishy!