Dana's super packing list


I figured I would put this in a thread. I have had a few requests to send it, post it, link it etc. I will leave it up as a sticky for a bit so people can find it and take it down when it gets old. I hope it helps someone.

Things to check 1-2 weeks before you leave:
Resort reservations
airline reservations
ground transportation
ME if you are using that
all your ADRs
car rental (if you are driving once there)
grocery delivery time and arrangements if you are using a grocer service

Essential items you can’t get at the world:
prescription drugs that you have to take…make sure you have enough to last the entire trip.
address book for postcards if you are sending them
driver’s license
credit cards
traveler’s checks
disney dollars
medical ID bracelette if you have a serious allergy or medical condition
note from doctor if you are going to need a wheelchair
spare glasses, contact solution, &glasses repair kit (thanks emamasa)

Important stuff to take just in case:
receipts for all traveler’s checks
Credit card 800 numbers in case you lose one or something crazy
duplicate copies of all travel documents (reservations etc)
photo copies of ALL park passes with their receipts
phone card (you never know)
ID’s for your children to carry in case they are lost. Something with your cell phone and resort information (don’t forget to take a snap shot of your child every day or write down what they are wearing. You may not remember if you are in a panic looking for them) - thanks alicefan.

First aidish items that cant’ hurt to pack:
bug spray
benedryl spray or ointment
benedryl pills
minor cold meds
sun screen
mole skin
burn cream
ear dry (stuff to use when you get out of the pool)
any other medical kind of items you use regularly
hand sanitizer
stinky foot spray or powder
tums, immodium etc (thanks emamasa!)

light jacket
[B][U]for winter travel[/U][/B] take a few sweatshirts and a light jacket. If you are from a cooler area like I am you will probally travel with your coat on…take a spare lighter one. It gets cold sometimes, but not enough for that winter coat us yankees wear.

flip flops
2 pairs of walking shoes
slippers if you use them
one pair of socks for each day + 2-3 spare pairs

PJ’s for length of trip (I wear mine twice before I consider them dirty, so 8 nights = 4 nightgowns)
Robes (I cannot leave home without one…love my robes!)
bring at least one dressier or nice owfit for a nice dinner…more if you are planning to go out more than once (don’t forget matching shoes)
1 pair of jeans
1-2 pairs of sweats (gets chilly at night)

1 owfit per day + 1-2 extras just in case
For winter travel - take one cool weather and one warm weather owfit per day…the weather gets tricky in orlando after November. Layered owfits work best. You will most definately need a light coat or long-sleeved shirt in the morning and at night. Take something that is easily removed and able to be tied around your wasit. I took cotton sweat owfits with jackets…wore a T under and when I got hot removed the jacket and when I got cold, put it back on…perfect!

Underwear :
1 set of undergarments per day + 1-2 extra just in case

hair products that you normally use to get ready
hair dryer
curling iron
razors, shaving cream
soap, poof or loofa
lotion (body and face)
brush, comb or whatever you use
things to pull your hair back
hat and/or sunglasses (thanks andrea)
toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and mouth wash
nail file, clippers and tweezers

Other items:
small pair of scissors and a travel sized sewing kit
camera, film, spare batteries or whatever you use to capture the moments!
stamps, fat pen for autograph and regular pen
bag you are going to use to lug stuff around those parks
emtpy tote bag inside your luggage for the stuff you buy
trash bags, dollar store laundry bag or pop-up hamper (thanks othervoices’s mom)…you have to put the stinky clothes somewhere!
baggies for your liquids (shampoo etc)
head phones and CD’s
portable DVD players and movies
books and other entertainment (games) for the plane ride or a relaxing night
Bathing suit(s), cover-up and beach towels!
Notebook for notes for the report
Cell phone and charger. (thanks andrea!)
plastic cups, bowel and cutlery (thanks emamasa)
cork screw for you winos (me)…lol
massager for sore bodies (thanks emamasa)
booklight for you readers (emamasa)
post -it notes to cover the automatic potty sensor (emamasa)
ADDED BY CHOTTSYchild sized hangers
spray starch
bath toys
clothes pins to hang wet bathing suits on clothes line in tub
power strip / multi plug : plug lots of things in 1 outlet
over the door shoe holder: clear plastic type to hold toiletries & misc.

Baby List (compliments of iluvwdw)
Diaper Cream
Body Lotion
Baby Bath
Swim Diapers
Bathing suits
Min of 2 outfits per day
PJs (1 for each day)
Min of 2 pairs of socks per day
Sheet for crib/playpen
Formula (if applicable)
Bottles or Sippy Cups
Disposable Table Toppers
Baby Food (if applicable)
Baby Snacks
Utensils (fork, spoon and plastic bowls)
Baby Toys (something musical, few books, special stuffed animal)
Hand Sanitizer
Infant Tylenol or Motrin…just in case
Jacket or sweater for evening

Toddler list (also compliments of iluvwdw)
toddler (optional…lol)
Min of 2 outfits per day
Min of 2 pairs of socks per day
2 pairs of shoes
Underwear (min 1 per day, plus extras)
Bathing Suits
Books to read
Activity Books (writing, coloring)
Hand Held video game (Leapster, V-Smile, etc)
Hand Sanitizer
Jacket/sweatshirt for evening
Children’s Tylenol or Motrin
Dress-up stuff to wear in the parks or to meals (ie Cinderella Dress, Captain Jack Sparrow outfit, etc)
Autograph Book (or buy one in the park)

Compliments of Boss Mouse things to do just in case of…
Once apon a time on a WDW website;
There was a thread about hotel rooms and germs;
Then in June of 2006, a really neat-o guy took his family to WDW
One daughter contracted pink-eye and one son, a cold.
So our hero (Mr. Neat-o) found a tip sheeet for traveling.

And being the nice and neat-o type guy He is, here it is:

It’s 8 p.m., and you’re all snug in your room—the kids are rolling on the carpet, gumming the remote, trying to knock each other out with pillows. What’s wrong with this picture? According to a number of new germ studies, plenty. No matter how nice the establishment, chances are that some invisible guests have dodged the housekeeper. We turned to medical specialists for the lowdown, plus some easy prescriptions for peace of mind.


Expert opinion E. coli and other fecal-based bacteria can make you really sick, and according to Dr. Charles Gerba (a.k.a. Dr. Germ), a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, they’re not lurking only in the obvious places. The bathroom sink is a prime breeding ground, thanks to constant moisture and heat, and the dirty hands that touch the taps and spout. Those foul fingers also handle light switches and doorknobs, and only the most vigilant cleaning staff would think of tackling them.

Prescription Bring your own disinfecting wipes (by Clorox or Lysol, for example) and use them on the phone, TV remote, switches, handles, and sink. But your family’s best defense against belly gripes is regular hand-washing. On the fly, use a hand sanitizer, such as Purell; just make sure it has an alcohol content of at least 60 percent.

Cold viruses

Expert opinion If the last person to stay in your room was sick, he or she may have left baggage behind, says Dr. J. Owen Hendley, professor of pediatrics at the University of Virginia, who co-authored a 2006 study on rhinoviruses. These germs (the cause of half of all colds) can live on hard surfaces for a day and are easily transferred from the remote, bedside lamp, or hotel pen to your fingers, then your nose or eyes.

Prescription Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. No fancy antibacterial soap needed: the regular stuff works just fine. To be extra safe, give the room a once-over with disinfecting wipes.


Expert opinion As long as the linens are changed and the room is vacuumed, these critters typically won’t be crawling, says Deborah Altschuler, president of the National Pediculosis Association. Lice are parasites; they have little reason to leave a warm head for a cold bed. Still, they might be clinging to items that aren’t cleaned for each new guest.

Prescription Don’t snuggle up with throw pillows or bedspreads, which don’t get washed as often as the sheets. If you feel itchy, check your head immediately. Early detection is the key to preventing a family outbreak. For treatment, see headliceadvice.net.


Expert opinion All but eradicated in the U.S. after World War II, these bloodsuckers have scurried back into every state—and into expensive and budget hotels alike, according to Louis N. Sorkin, an entomologist at New York’s American Museum of Natural History. And don’t assume beds are the only places they hang out: the bugs also creep into cracks and crevices in headboards, floorboards, carpets, picture frames, and furniture.

Prescription Before booking, check Web sites like bedbugregistry.com or traveladvisor.com for hotel-infestation alerts. Upon arrival, inspect the bed (especially the mattress seams) for the insects and their blood and excrement (small red or brown dots). A flashlight will help you find these elusive pests, which, when engorged, grow to the size of an apple seed. Spot anything suspicious? Check out—before they check you out.Expert opinion Dr. Sandra M. Gawchik, an allergist at Crozer Chester Medical Center in Chester, Pennsylvania, says that allergy- and asthma-triggering dust mites reproduce so rapidly that regular laundering and vacuuming can’t stave them off. Still, these cloth- and carpet-lovers bother only those who are allergic—causing sneezing, stuffiness, and itchy eyes.

Prescription For family members with dust-mite sensitivity, strip beds of spreads and throw pillows, and use dustproof pillowcases brought from home. Or ask for a freshly laundered case and stuff it with clean towels. Beyond that, relax—after all, there are plenty of dust mites in your own home.

Pet dander
Expert opinion A pet-friendly hotel is the doghouse for allergy and asthma sufferers. According to Dr. Gawchik, standard cleaning won’t eliminate the sticky dander pets shed: it attaches to all surfaces in every room they pass through.

Prescription If animal dander bothers you, steer clear of hotels that accept furry guests.

Athlete’s foot

Expert opinion Dr. Arnold S. Ravick, of the American Podiatric Medical Association, says that this fungal infection is often contracted in hotel rooms. Luckily, most of us won’t catch the itch—our immune systems fight it off.

Prescription Wear socks or slippers around the room, and flip-flops in the shower, although the spores can still splash onto your feet. Your best bet is to swab the bathroom floor and tub with disinfecting wipes when you arrive, then rinse thoroughly. For extra protection, keep your feet dry and spray them with an antifungal medicine (Desenex and Neosporin AF are safe for kids over two).

Whirlpool germs

Expert opinion Tubs with jets may be fun for kids, but according to Dr. Rita Moyes, a microbiologist at Texas A&M University, they’re also a potential source of diseases. In Moyes’s 2000 study, 100 percent of water samples taken from whirlpool tubs tested positive for agents that can cause rashes, urinary-tract infections, or pneumonia. The pipes of the whirlpool—rather than the tub itself—are where the nasties hide.

Prescription You can get away with bathing in a regular tub—especially if you swab it with a disinfectant wipe, paying attention to the drain, where the most bacteria amass—but steer clear of a jetted one, which requires (but likely doesn’t get) regular flushings of bleach through the pipes, followed by thorough rinsing. Best bet: Stick with the shower.


this list is AWESOME…you should ALWAYS have it as a sticky!

Maybe you can do a separate category for people with little kids? (carriage, diapers, formula, car seat (if needed) toys, clothes, socks, shoes, etc, etc.)

Or NOT…and leave it as is!!!

IT’S A GREAT TOOL TO HAVE!!! :wub: (you rock)


I will do that. I just have to remember what to bring for a wee one…it’s been a long time for me…lol That’s the summer version…I have a winter one too…lol


Thanks. And my wife thanks you.


Wow…you are the best! Since I have little ones, I can PM you with my lists for them. :happy:


I added a baby section at the bottom. I may have left out stuff…let me know if I did and I will gladly add it on.

I must also add the winter version of that list…it’s a bit different…this is fun!


I was thinking that you ought to sticky the list! This is great!


Wow…I don’t know how to pack at all…but it just seems like so much…stuff.

feels inadequate


Don’t feel inadequate! If a knapsack and a change of underwear is all you need to be happy at WDW, go with it! :laugh:

Seriously, it’s too much stuff for me, too, but easy enough to edit for my own personal needs. There were a few things on the list that I haven’t ever needed, but that made me think “I HAVE to remember to bring THAT.”

I just appreciate how comprehensive it is.


I just added on winter items, and both a baby and a toddler list. iluvwdw sent it to me in pm…thanks girly! Great lists!


This list is things that I personally take (not the baby and toddler stuff cause I don’t have one of those). Please do not think that this is what is needed for a trip to WDW…hardly. Only the seriously insane take all this. Please edit it to make it what YOU need for a trip.

Thanks for the compliments andrea…I knew you would get it…lol


Got your pm and added them on. Thanks for that. I wouldn’t have got it right as I can’t even remember what to bring for little ones.


Yay! The list! I love this list!


Dana, I find it interesting that under the Baby section you list the BABY, but under the Toddler section you don’t list the Toddler!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Interesting, but I do understand, DS2 is much harder now in Toddler stage than BABY stage!!!:blink: :blink:


Well some may want to bring the stuff and leave the terrible two toddler at home…lol I will go and fix that error. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I copied iluvwdw’s list from my pm and didn’t edit that part…lol


How about the cell phone recharger? Did I miss that?


wow…can’t believe I missed something so simple…lol Thanks for telling me. I will put it on there right now.


Dana, we must be kindred spirits because your list looks about just like mine. I put ours on a spread sheet with everyones name and a place to check off each item as it is packed. I guess you would say I’m kinda peculiar.

I was packing for just Hubby and I when we went to Vegas in August. I was trying to hurry and do the list by memory then thought I better get the laptop out and check the list. Low and behold I had forgot to pack underpants for myself. Just goes to show, you should always have a list.



DH and I went camping once and both packed our own clothes. The first morning DH says, “Did you hide my underwear?”

Yes, dear. I hid them. Because I always do things like that. :dry: He’d forgotten entirely to pack them.

THAT ALONE ought to remind him not to mock my lists!


oh wow! Never let a DH pack for himself unless he has OCD…lol

LOL unamadreditre!!! To funny!

I like the spread sheet packing list with everyone’s name on it. I just hand write one for me and DD and she takes her list up to her room and finds everything and brings it down for my inspection (kinda like a scavenger hunt in her room…lol) I did type one out for DD’s DF and gave it to the girl’s mom along with a note with all the phone numbers she would need and a medical release paper I need for her to sign and get notorized.