Dance Along?


This is my other poll to see if people really don’t want to participate when watching shows or parades. They only want to watch. Don’t want to dance when voice says to. Don’t ask to sing. Don’t want to chant, “Dreams Come True,” etc…

Does it enhance the show quality when asked to play along, or is it just annoying?


I am one of those who starts to bop at the knees and maybe give a little clap or two until I realise my DH and family are stood there still has anything and I look like I have a really bad itch! LOL! I do play along and act a fool if my DD wants to dance with me let’s say but for the most part my nerves get the better of me and I just can’t. So I voted ‘would rather just watch’ .


I :heart: to play along!
My dad and I watched DAWM and we were both chanting “Dreams Come True” through out the day.

It’s great though because we wouldn’t do such things at home, Disney changes people = in a good way :happy:


I dance along!! I think DH is sometimes embarressed to be around me!! LOL :blush:


I don’t mind playing along at all but my husband refuses to even move an eyelash.


We all LOVE to play along!


We enjoy watching others play/dance along, but none of us like being center of attention so we don’t want to be the ones “watched.” :pinch::laugh:


:laugh::laugh::laugh: I just see Daniel not batting an eyelash.

I guess I just like to watch the parades.


I didn’t vote, because I am absolutely unable to avoid dancing. Just can’t help myself. I’m a boogeying fool.

I might sing. But I am NOT a shouter or a chanter and will participate only reluctantly.

Obviously I am very specific about my silliness. :tongue:


:laugh::laugh::laugh:That’s us, to a T. Like I said in the other post, I would dance along with the characters, but on the sidelines, not in the parade.


I have to say that I think getting involved makes your trip that much more enjoyable and magical. But I’m a bit of a shy person in public face to face, and in crowds. So actually getting me to do it when others aren’t is a bit hard to do.


My family is one of those who watch the festivities from a safe distance! All of us are a little shy and try to avoid participation shows…It’s not that it’s annoying - it just doesn’t enhance anything for us. OK-it makes us cringe! We’ll happily watch others have the fun.


We love to participate. The way we see it, we’ll never see most of the people at WDW ever again in our entire lives, so what do we care what they think? Of course, that’s just me and the kids, DH would NEVER participate.


I love to participate! I used to be a disk jockey, so I’m used to playing the fool, but there is no way my DH will get involved…unless I volunteer him…then he’ll suck it up and play along, but boy do I get the evil eye!!! It’s very funny!!!


playing along gives us one more magical memory for the trip- like Parker doing YMCA but he is doing the M when we are all doing Y and its a cute picture… that was during the block party.


When it comes to dancing or singing I’m a little on the conservative side. I may clap along but thats about it. My family will sing and dance but thats just not me.


I’m with the not moving an eyelash crowd.


we are always sitting…so i clap and WAVE A LOT. we (DD & I ) blow kisses to our faves.

but it’s too crowded to really get your boogie on where we are during parades! LOL


I’m not one that likes to get pulled out in front of a crowd but I’ll do it if I get pulled with someone I know. My daughter and I got pulled in to the Toy Story Mania Parade last March and we had a blast. But I would have to say that for the most part I would much rather be the one taking pictures!


As a little girl, I was very shy and hated it when CMs or characters wanted me to participate (I walked around Festival of the Lion King staring at the ground, pouting). However, I broke out of my shell around 12 years old, and since loved to play along. I think it’s more fun to play along, now, because it’s something you can’t do everyday. So, I shout, “Dreams Come True!” (and tear up a little… :blush:) and laugh at the Monsters in Laugh Floor. I’m willing to interact with characters and such. As long as my parents aren’t trying to, too. :laugh: