Dance Star Mickey


Ok who has seen or even already bought a new Dance Star Mickey? This may very well be the hot sleeper Item for Christmas even my DW wants one. (suppose to be picking one up tomorrow after work). These do look fantastic by the way.


It does look pretty cute.


I haven’t seen one :(:crying: have you got a link we could look at? Thank you:heart:


Dance Star Mickey From Fisher-Price

Dixie, I hope this link works for you.



He’s so cute!! I can definitely see this being a big hit this year. Heck, I want one. :blush:


[QUOTE=DisneyOnMyMind;1052893]Dance Star Mickey From Fisher-Price

Dixie, I hope this link works for you.[/QUOTE]

Thank you so much! OM goodness, isn’t he just brilliant- and Donny too, my sister will be swooning:wub:


i am at work and they have the site blocked as ‘shopping and auction’ :glare::angry:
i will have to check it out when i get home!!


To be honest, it kinda scares me! His proportions are off, and moving toys like that never sat well with me. (Aka all the tickling/dancing Elmo dolls and those Furbies…terrifying!)

But I can see why kids would like it. =)


Well I did score a couple of them today they are put up now for Christmas…aww the list is getting done a little early for me this year for the girls. It is only the middle of Oct. and I almost have their Christmas all done for the most part.


Wow, good for you! I was just saying to my DH yesterday that we should start ours.


wow, he’s kinda weird looking…
totally off topic…
rose got a tickle me elmo tmx a couple years ago for christmas. she could care less about it, but her 90 yr old great grandma with alzeimers was ENTRANCED by the dang thing!


My girls (2.5 & 4.5) saw the demo in the toy store (near the empty shelf) the other day and would not stop pushing the button - I hope they restock in time for christmas…