I am doing the “paid-in-full” dance! It’s official. I am going to WDW!!! WOHOOOO!! Best feeling in the world is being paid in full. I only have spending money to worry about now.


Good for you.

I can’t wait until our trips are paid for. Right now our rooms and tickets are taken care of and we have paid for airline tickets for one trip. Next month we’ll pay for airfare for our second trip. After that it’s food and spending money.


I thought this thread was going to be “instead of exercising, I’ve taken up dance”. Uhh, nope, wrong dance. I think your dance is more fun. :happy:


Congratulations…it is nice to not have to worry about paying for the trip.


WoooHooo!! What a fantastic feeling!


How exciting! My balance is due in about a week and I’ll be dancing with you!


Congrats!! That is the best feeling in the world!!! :wub:


Oh the joy of not having the bill hanging. Now the ramp up to your trip.


Congratulations! Isn’t that a fun dance?


Well done Dana, start saving for those ‘spends’ money now ( the nice bit!)


Can I dance along with you. My last payment went out this week!!! WOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!


Yippee!!! What an awesome feeling!!!


Oh Dana I’m so jealouse!!! I wish I were doing the paid in full dance, but not quite yet!!!


Yay!! :biggrin: So exciting!


Sweet !!! Glad to hear Dana … Now the waiting game. :pirate:


Thanks for celebrating with me all. I just got my you owe “$0.00” email from disney. I printed it…may hang it on the wall to inspire me when my day is stinko…lol

Yes, now it’s on to the spending money…easier said than done. I do disney big time, so I have to start every saving trick in the book.:laugh: