Dapper Dans Photos


So, I’m looking for some Dapper Dans photos so I can do my scrapbook from my DLR trip this past September. I was going to wait until my trip in June to snap some pics, but there are some rumors floating around that their contracts are not being renewed and the end of March will be their final performance.

That leaves me heartbroken if it is true :crying: , and I would really, really like to include them in my scrapbook! So I’m wondering if anyone has any pictures of them that they could email me…

Thanks in advance!


Ok :smile: Is this what you are looking for?


Here is another :smile:


Or this:smile:


Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Thank you! :laugh:




How many would you like? :smile:


One More :smile:




Another :smile:


And Another :smile:


So you mean there is a possibility they won’t be there in June when I go :crying:


From MousePlanet.com

Dapper Dans

The news that has really rumbled through the online Disney communities is that early last week all members of the Dapper Dans received notifications that their contracts would not be renewed and that March 25 would be their last day. Since then it has been reported that there will be a “reaudition” for a new group, though it is unknown whether this will be another version of the Dapper Dans or some entirely new act is unknown. There has also been some speculation that this is some type of negotiating tactic or an attempt by management to push out older members nearing retirement. Both of these theories are simple speculation and so far as we know have no supporting evidence.


And a video:smile:

Disney’s - Dapper Dans


Will this apply only to DL and not WDW? I can not see them being eliminated outright.


I haven’t heard anything about WDW (do they have Dans there, I honestly don’t even know :huh: ). I really, really hope that they do just reaudition them. Those four guys are so incredibly talented and funny! I also love that I recognize their faces year after year when I return! Its awesome to see a familiar face!

And Wish, I know how you feel! I’ll be there in June and if I don’t see them I will be very sad! :crying:

Thank you everyone for the great photos (an videos), now I can get started on my scrapbook!


Can anyone tell me if the Dans have a CD out? I heard they did, but I can’t find out anymore information…


Oh wow… :sad:

I hope they renew! I just saw them a week ago and they are one of those little pieces of Disney that add some flavor to Main Street in my mind!

I hope they get to keep on singing!


Here are there CD’s. :smile:



Sweet Thanks!