Dates for 2009


any seasoned Euro Disney travellers out there able to advise me when it’s probably likely to be able to book for April 2009? We have never been there before but thought we might try it for half term next year. I know it is all down to the Eurostar as to why prices are out late but any hint as to when I should try to book would be great.


I would not call myself a seasoned disneyland Paris visitor, but you could book direct with Disney and then arrange travel later either by euro star or fly ( have cheap flights).


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I’m just having a think. To be honest, it’s years since we booked DLRP in advance. For the last 7 years or so we have always driven there and stayed off site, just buying our tickets to the park in advance at the Disneystore or at the park gate. The one exception was our stay at the Disneyland Hotel in 2004.

I’m not sure what kind of trip you want to make, Polly. It might help if you keep an eye on Disneyland® Resort Paris for any deals if you particularly want to stay on site. We usually couple our DLRP trips these days with a trip somewhere else in France, but I’m not sure we’d want to do that on our first visit. Tell us what sort of trip you are planning and what you want to do/see and I’ll have a think.

BTW It’s a really easy drive to the park from where you are. Motorway all the way if you use Eurotunnel, which is really easy to use, and it means you can pack all the little one’s things into your car with no lugging around airports. Put it in the boot on your drive and take it out when you get to the hotel. It’s about 3 hours from Calais and is motorway right to the parks.

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Well, nothing set in stone yet but thinking of doing a 4 night/5 day trip somewhen in the easter half term 2009. We did think about driving as a few friends have said that it is easy but we have also heard Eurostar is equally as easy and to be honest the thought of not having to drive is a bonus to us. I did wonder about booking the resort first then waiting for the eurostar to come available but worries that this might not neccessarily be the cheapest option for us? Any thoughts on this are great.
As far as radio goes…ended a long time ago! He stopped it to concentrate on a Queen tribute act ‘Rhapsody’ (Rhapsody The Ultimate Queen Tribute) and an individual solo act ) and this took off in a crazy way. However…just this week PJ has decided to leave this behind him as it was all getting too much with work commitments ec and he was spreading himself far too thin and getting ill to be honest. So he is just concentrating on a Solo Freddie tribute act ( think link can be found from Rhapsody website?)
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All geat here thanks. Same with you? I was meaning the act, but couldn’t remember what it was called. I remember Queen Radio packing up. Send him up here as my wife will watch anything Freddie related. Mind you, two nights ago she was watching David Essex and tonight she’s in Manchester watching the Osmonds. Still, means I can get in plenty of golf!!

Still think you should drive. You literally drive off the train onto the motorway, off the motorway into the hotel. Leave the car in the car park for the duration of your stay and then drive home. French motorways are a LOT less crowded than ours and you won’t need to drive around the wacky races ‘Peripherique’ around Paris. If I lived where you are, I’d do about 10 trips a year!! I have no experience with Eurostar, sorry. Now Eurotunnel, that’s a different matter!

Do you particularly want to stay on site, and do you mean Easter half term or end of term, i.e. around Easter week? Half term will be much less crowded as Easter week is pretty busy.

PM me if you want anything.

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