Dates for April 2010? Help!


Hello all! Well…we [B]were [/B]going to WDW in Feb 2010 but, it is looking more and more like we won’t be able to get there until April. :frown: We usually go the 1st two weeks of May and I was wondering if the end of April would be comparable to then?:confused: We are planning to get there either April 18 or April 25. I really HATE crowds but, if I can deal with the first of May will I be able to deal with these dates in April?? I desperately need advice & opinions please…!! Thanks in advance!


3 of my 4 week long trips have been April 19-26 and we have really enjoyed that time of year. The crowds are really manageable. I can’t say how they are to the first 2 weeks of May but we went this year May 15-22 and the crowds were much worse than when we have gone in April.


A major factor determining crowds in April are when does Easter occur and when do spring breaks occur.
The earlier Easter happens, the better off you will be late in the month.


Last year in April we saw a major change in attendance, We stayed from Thursday to Thursday early April and caught the tail end of Spring Break for the Florida schools. The following Monday it was more of a mild crowd around the parks. And it was nice weather … but your in Walt Disney World and that really changes everything !!!


next year I believe easter is early …so spring break is usually tied to that ,also I just got through finalizing my trip…and it is not included in peak time my reservations are for apr22-may2…but the down side possibly is park hours and park closing early for local grad nights etc…but the crowds are very manageable and you can get a lot done and also have some down time to recharge…I hope this helps…just checked and easter is apr 4th…


From TouringPlans:
Date Crowd Level Best Worst Notes
Sun, 18 Apr '10 7 AK MK EP DS
Mon, 19 Apr '10 7 MK AK
Tue, 20 Apr '10 5 MK AK DS
Wed, 21 Apr '10 5 MK AK DS
Thu, 22 Apr '10 6 EP DS AK MK
Fri, 23 Apr '10 5 MK AK EP GRAD NIGHT
Sat, 24 Apr '10 7 DS EP GRAD NIGHT
Sun, 25 Apr '10 7 EP MK DS AK
Mon, 26 Apr '10 5 MK AK
Tue, 27 Apr '10 5 DS AK EP
Wed, 28 Apr '10 5 MK EP AK
Thu, 29 Apr '10 6 AK MK EP DS
Fri, 30 Apr '10 5 MK DS EP

I attempted to space it out. But, it still comes bunched together. Sorry!