Daughter has been approved by her advisor


My daughter is a freshman at Temple University. She’s majoring in speech pathology and minoring in psychology. She wants to work with kids when she graduates. She was recently approved by her advisor to do the semester at Disneyworld. Does anyone know if there is classroom work involved or does Disney just assign you to a different job every few weeks ? She will have the specifics when she gets home, but I was hoping some of the board members may be able to share their first hand experiences.


Congratulations to her. I don’t know how the program works, but hopefully someone will answer who does. :grinning:


Our son is in the program. No real classroom work other that the orientation program (called “Foundations”). In the application process she’d have the opportunity to choose areas of work like custodial, retail merchandise, food service, etc. They may change locations a bit (my son worked in all four parks), but you stay in basically the same job


Congratulations on your daughters acceptance into the Disney program. We tried our hardest to get my oldest step son to do this program but he would not have any part of it. Tell her to enjoy every minute of it even if she has a bad job to make the best out of the situation.


Congratulations to your daughter! I did the College Program at WDW in 2010 and it was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done. It is a job, so obviously there were some not-so-magical things about it too, but the good things far outweighed the bad for me.

When I did the CP, there were some options as far as taking classes. (Since it’s been 5 years, things may have changed - you or your daughter may want to do some research on the CP website to see how it all works now: http://cp.disneycareers.com/en/default/ ) I applied to the program and said I was interested in working Attractions or Merchandise. They offered me a spot in Attractions, and I accepted. I found out when I arrived to check-in that I was assigned to Kilimanjaro Safaris - yay! I worked that attraction the whole time and there wasn’t really any option to change attractions/assignments - what you accepted was what you got, unless there was a medical reason that you could not do what was required in that position.

My major was Anthropology so none of their classes for credit applied to me, but they did have classes you could take for personal improvement (no college credit) - I took Exploring Guest Service and Exploring Leadership and I really enjoyed them both. I was able to schedule them both on the same day, and if I remember correctly if you were signed up for a class you could not be scheduled to work at that time, so there were no schedule conflicts. I thought the classes were great - we learned concepts in the classroom with Disney higher-ups (managers, etc.) and special guest speakers, and then we took “field trips” now and then into the parks to see what we were learning in action. But again, you and your daughter might want to review the “Learning” aspect of their “Living, Learning, Earning” pages on their website to find out more about what’s offered for classes now, since it’s been so long since I did it.

Hope this helps! Congrats again to her and I hope she decides to give it a try! It was a great experience for me, and while I’m no longer working for Disney, my time in the College Program has come up in nearly every job interview I’ve had since then!