Day 2 Meals: MK CS, Chef Mickeys Dinner


OK I just realized that if I go restaurant by restaurant then I would be posting A LOT so I decided to break down the restaurants by day.

Again, my MB friends, I am looking for opinions, picks and/or pans, tips for the ADRs I have.

We are looking to eat a CS at MK for lunch. I am torn between Pinocchio Village Haus and Caseys Corner. I like the menu better at Caseys but I would love to watch IASW.

Dinner: ADRs at Chef Mickeys 5:20 before MNSSHP.

Thank you so much, I can not express how helpful you have been.



I would pick Pinocchio’s only because Casey’s tends to get really crowded, and you will have a better chance of getting a seat, and watching IASW.


even though there are a very limited number of seats in the IASW window, the food was delich. at Pinocchio’s.

either would be good, but i would prefer Pinocchio’s.


Pinocchio’s recently changed their menu and I haven’t been there in years…so I am not sure how the food is now. Also, there are maybe 5 or 6 booths near the IASW window…so unless you’re willing to wait it out you might not be able to see the ride. And it’s in FL so it is ALWAYS crowded
Casey’s is good too…but mostly just hotdogs and fries. Casey’s has a big back room too and outside seating but it does get crowded because it’s on Main Street.
So, they both have drawl backs and benefits…I’m not very helpful am I?!


You are always helpful!!!

I think I am leaning towards Casey’s b/c of a couple reasons…let me know if they make sense…

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE hot dogs and believe that they are different from state to state, city to city so I always try new hot dogs where ever I go.

  2. I figured we could grab the hot dogs and eat while we wait in our parade spots.

  3. The only reason I want to go to Pinocchos is b/c of IASW. If it is hard to get a table I don’t want to waste my time.

Thanks again for everything.



The few times we’ve eaten at Casey’s this is what we’ve done! Dave stakes out the spots and I go get the food and bring it back. Dave accidentally put cheese on his hot dog because it was in one of those pumpy thingys and he thought it was mustard. He was grossed out…and I laughed a lot!:laugh: There’s my random story for the day.


Casey’s is good HOT DOGS . . . we always get one and then stake out a table for Spectro . . . the floats go right by and are high up so easy viewing!!

There are a few tables inside as well . . . depending on the time you go it can be crowded . . . 'specially around parade time . . . but as always with a little planning you’ll get it done!! :happy:

Yes the IASW tables are just a luck thing . . . altho this CS opens later then most 11am so if you get there then you’ll be sure to get the table you want!!

Both are good . . . just depends on what food you are in the mood for that day!