Day 3 Meals: HS Day


Okee Dokee! HS Day!

I am loving all of the opinions and tips from everyone! Thank you so much!

Breakfast: In Room

Lunch: Play n Dine H&V (For Ty, he loves Playhouse Disney)

Dinner: Sci-Fi Dine In Theater (For DH, he loves Playhouse Disney…And Sci-Fi Stuff!!!:laugh: )

Thanks again every one!



We loved the play and dine at H & V. The food was great and so were the characters. I have never been to the Sci Fi, although we would love to try it one day.


We are doing H&V for lunch and November for my little guy. My DD (who is 7 now) LOVES Sci-Fi. She doesn’t eat a bite normally but love the atmosphere. It is a nice relaxing break from the park.


Thanks guys!

I do have another question…

According to park hours HS closes at 8:00 pm. Our ADR is for 7:30. Is this gonna lead to one of those moments I read about where people feel like they have the park to themselves b/c the park is closed?



We loved Sci-Fi on our last trip! Definitely get a milkshake… mmmmmmmmm!

As for closing, I know the shops stay open for a little while after closing, but where Sci-Fi is located, if I recall there aren’t any shops so that part of the park at least should be pretty empty; once you hit the main streets you’ll probably encounter a few more people. It’s not an EMH night, is it?


No. No EMH.



Yes you should fee like you have the park to yourselves after you get out of your ADR.

We did that a few years back, great time!

Oh, and Sci-Fi is my familys favorite!!


I have done H&V for dinner and we really didn’t enjoy it. I don’t remember SciFi it was 12 years ago.

Let me know how H&V is.


It sounds like you made good choices out of the meager options at DHS! I can’t wait to hear how they are…especially Sci-Fi, since DH is dying to eat here sometime!


If you check my last TR, I posted all the food pics from H&V . . . I also had a whole thread where I asked everyone to share their opinions on the food and service!

We really enjoyed it! The kids did too . . . we did dinner NO CHARACTERS! But it was the first dinner served at 4:30pm.

Just a question . . . you are doing two sit downs in one day . . . H&V is a lot of food and we were ALL SO STUFFED . . . you might not even be hungry for dinner? Just an FYI!!



They take ADRs up until closing. You will not be rushed…having a meal at that time is ideal cause you will beat the mad rush to the gate…unless you get done eating the same time Fantasmic! lets out…I’d get out of dodge before that show ends


We did the Playhouse Disney character meal at H&V 2 years ago. We thought the food was good, and our youngest LOVED the characters. She was really into Little Einsteins at the time, so she was in heaven! Your little guy will have a good time.


We have ADRs at Sci-Fi too. I have never been there but it seems so cool to have dinner in a car watching old Sci-Fi clips.


This is the only day we are doing 2 TS meals. That is why I have the first lunch ADR and the last dinner ADR. I hope this works it will be almost 8 hours between food!