Day 6: Last full Day & Day 7: Travel Day


OK my last post.

Please feel free to say anything regarding my plans.

Day 6:
Breakfast: In room (possible oop room service)
Lunch: Earl of Sandwich
Dinner: Ty at Cubs Den, Mom and Dad = Artist Point (oop)

Day 7:

Breakfast: in room
Lunch: Counter Service where ever the wind blows us

Magical Express? (our flight is at 4:15 pm)

Thanks everyone for all of your comments.



We love love love Earl of Sandwich. Sometimes, we even have Earl for dinner. :slight_smile:

As far as your last day goes, ME picks up really early, almost 3 hours prior to your flight, so keep that in mind for your planning.


Lisa - you have done a great job planning, sounds great! I am interested in Artist Point, too, it looks very nice. Please let us know about it when you return…pics especially.

For our in room breakfasts, we usually bring apples, granola bars, pop tarts, etc. and have one of the adults take a kid to get morning beverages in our refillable resort mugs…coffee for us and cocoa or oj for the kids. We do this while we are getting ready, and by the time everyone has dressed and showered, we have all managed to eat as well. Of course, we love the food court thing at POP, so sometimes we grab something extra, but for most days, that does us well. Saves quite a bit of money and time…by the time we get to the park, ride a few rides, it is time for lunch and we are hungry!

On our way to Free Dining with you…we are 81 days away…have a great time!


Yep, we do the same thing . . . none of us are big breakfast eaters. So the snack in the am and then around 10:30am we have another snack. Then a nice lunch! Earl is yummy and filling!!

Have a wonderful trip . . . :heart:


Yes, we have a grocery delivery set up to have breakfast foods and snacks in the room BUT by Saturday I am thinking we would be sick our our foods and depending on the money situation I would splurge on room service. That is just an idea and up in the air.



Room service is always fun! BUT, be aware, if it’s busy the wait can be 60+ minutes . . . we called when we were at CS and my girls were all excited!! But when I was told the wait time :eek: I said forget it and we walked to the food court and then just brought it back to the room . . . which they liked just as much! :laugh: :laugh:


We love EOS too. It is so great. Hope you have a wonderful trip!


That is something I will keep in mind.

Thanks everyone!



Sounds like some great plans for your last few days.
Earl is awesome!