Daybeds at Boardwalk Inn?


As I mentioned in another thread, we have a last minute addition to our end of June trip. This is requiring some shuffling for our first night sleeping arrangements as we are staying in regular rooms on the Inn side of the Boardwalk for night one before moving to the Villas.

Does anyone have any experience with sleeping on the daybeds at the Boardwalk Inn? Would one be big enough for a 17 year old boy, about 5’7, 130 pounds?


That daybed will be fine for a night. No big deal


If he’s like most 17 year old boys, he’ll be able to sleep just about anywhere.


Thanks, llama and Dana. I figured for one night it should be okay.


Have a great trip…


This trip is only days away and I am officially in freaking out mode. LOL


Very jealous and happy for you Karen! We have wait listed BWV several times and have yet to get it.

I hope that y’all have a wonderful time there!