Days left on Park Tickets


Our trip in April ended up being very confusing since we were staying b/w 2 “seasons” and we were staying at 2 different resorts and were on the dining plan. In order to take advantage of a lower rate for part of our trip we had to make 2 different reservations.

When we checked into the Contemporary for 3 nights were were given a room key that had our dining for those 3 nights and park tickets for our ENTIRE length of stay (I was told those days would be transferred to my room keys at the next resort).

After those 3 nights we checked into the Beach Club where we were given new room keys that had our dining plan for the next 6 nights and the rest our our park tickets days (we had already used 3 out of 10 days). When verifying with the CM how many days were left on our park tickets he said 10 - I said that can’t be we’ve already used 3. He said due to some error we were reissued 10 day park hoppers with water park options. He said I shouldn’t use the new cards and instead upgrade them to the no expiration feature and just keep using the cards I was issued at the CR.

To make things more confusing - our last night at the Beach Club was yet on another reservation (my TA messed that up somehow) and we had to purchase a 1 day park ticket so we could use the dining plan for that day.
So now we have 9 cards to keep track of for 3 people!!!)

Whew…hopefully you followed that!!:ohmy: So here are my questions:

  1. I did infact pay the $400+ to upgrade my 10 day hopper plus water park feature: but how do I know this actually was added to my ticket? My receipt doesn’t indicate what the purchase was for and I really didn’t have much confidence in the CM who was helping me. Is there a way to call and give some # on the card and Disney can check or do I just have to wait until I go and have them scan it and hold my breath?

  2. Also the CM at the BC conceirge desk told me that if I didn’t use the extra 1 day ticket that it wouldn’t expire - even though I didn’t have the no expiration on it. Is this true?

This is all important for me to find out since if I already have my park tickets paid for then I will probably not get the dining plan for our next trip and just book a room only ressie. I would hate to get there and have trouble with my tickets and then it would be too late to add the Dining Plan.


I know the answer to this one - it’s yes! Single day tickets do not expire. Say you had a three day hopper, it would expire 14 days from FIRST USE. A single day ticket never had a first use, so it’s good until you use it. I’m carrying three of them in my purse now!!

As for your other question, I don’t know for sure. But, I’ve always heard that the only way to check your days remaining is AT a guest relations desk.


Having done something similar 2 weeks ago I will try to help. If you did not use your 1 day ticket, it is my understanding it does not expire. The Concierge can only tell him many times you have used your ticket. Last January we went to the park 6 days and DW and I did 2 options. He saw in his system the cards had been used 8 times. He could not tell me how many park visits we had. He said we would have to go to Guest Relations at a park.

The system they use at the hotel is “View only” or something like that. He informed us that the Guest Relation folks had a “Ticketing System” that they looked at and could give us more information.

Calling down there will do you no good. I would save the receipt or invoice that you have and the keys. They can translate all that information at the resort. It was my understanding that if you upgraded your tickets you would have a number on your receipt that started with FD. A charge from the Gift shop will look different on your bill.

If I have lost you, let me know and I will try and help.


As to the problem of potentially missing the Dining Plan window, we included 1 day park ticket with our hotel booking to qualify for the dining plan. We also have non-expirying tickets but we’re not exactly clear on how many days are left but we should be covered. We’ll check on arrival the first day and add additional days if need be once we can verify our non-expiry tickets.

If we end up with an extra day or so on the tickets, that’s fine, they will be there for the next trip - there will always be a next trip!.


A lot of this doesn’t make sense. I’ve never had a dining plan carry from one reservation to the next, let alone a change of resorts. Not sure about the adding a day/one day ticket in order to get an extra day of dining plan. As far as I know, you need to book three days minimum although you only need to buy a one day non-hopper ticket, regardless of your length of stay.
As said, the one day ticket can’t expire, because it dies x days after it’s first use, and you can only use it the one time anyway. You can use those one days as credit for an AP or a ticket with more days and options.
The only way you can know for sure about anything on your tickets is with a WDW ticket reader, and they only have them everywhere you turn in WDW. I wish I knew of a trick, but I don’t think there is.


A lot of this doesn’t make sense. I’ve never had a dining plan carry from one reservation to the next, let alone a change of resorts.

The dining plan did not, but the park tickets did.


Well, that is good to know about the 1 day ticket!!! Thanks!


It is a bit confusing :confused: ! I will dig out my receipt and see what the # started with - that definately is a good way to start. I guess the bottom line though is that I will have to wait until I return to WDW to make sure the park days are still on the card. Thanks for your help!


Now it makes perfect sense. At least what did and didn’t carry from one reservation to the next.
Sorry we don’t have better answers for you.


Makes it a little difficult to plan your next trip to WDW if you’re unsure of how many days you have left. I’d hate to budget/book a trip for 6 nights and find out you only had 3 left on your room key. They really need to make this a little easier for those traveling many miles to get there. We have OLD parkhopper plus tickets and we’re unsure of our “options” left on the tickets…can’t really plan ahead of time if we can go to a water park or not. Makes it hard to write out an itinerary since we don’t know if we can go until we get there.


I agree!!!:blush: