Dazed and Confused


OK - in a nutshell the story is this:

As DVC members we do all our planning through the Vacation Club, so consequently I don’t pay too much (make that any) attention to the various discounts on hotels, tickets, etc.

We’re now in the process of planning a vacation for the Fall and are including my dd’s boyfriend - so I’m faced with trying to ascertain the cost of a 5 day MYW ticket with Park Hopper for him. And all I’m getting is frustrated! I can’t find a definitive answer anywhere. We’re DVC members, and AP members. Can we get a discount on purchasing another ticket for him? Do I have to wait for new discounts to come out? Can anyone tell me what the ticket would cost?

I know how dumb this sounds.


Good question, sorry I do not know the answer. Heres one that puzzled me - I bought MNSSHP tickets for us, our daughter and her husband and our granddaughter. They gave me our discount on the adult tickets but I had to pay full price for the childs ticket as children are not DVC members. Made no sense to me.


I don’t know!
I’m sorry! :sad:


I don’t know a thing about the benefits of DVC membership, but Annual Passholders don’t receive a break on purchasing regular admission tickets for other people. The only ticket price break we get is when we renew our APs.

Florida residents, however, do get a break on the cost of regular admission tickets. If you’re a Florida resident, a five-day MYW with the park hopper option would cost you $215 plus tax if you bought it on the WDW Web site. The same five-day park hopper for a non-Florida resident would be $234 plus tax.

Of course there also are the non-Disney ticket resellers that offer discounted tickets, but I’ve never had any experience with them.

Hope this helps.